Don’t get stuck in ER surrounded by flu victims. Joining a concierge practice is a no brainer.

Dr. Tom LaGrelius writes in:

Joining a concierge practice is a no brainer, unless you want to sit surrounded by coughing masked flu victims in a packed ER unable to treat you with antivirals anyway. The hospitals are using Tamiflu only on patients so sick they are in the ICU. And in most of those cases they need not have bothered. They got their first dose long long long after the effectiveness window had closed. They should save it for the ones ill less than two days when it actually works!

The hospitals are currently swamped with flu victims and have no beds or ER space. 

DPC physicians are not contributing to the problem; we are solving the problem. You and I have managed dozens of young and elderly flu victims recently without trips to the ER. I directly hospitalized only one, a 95 year old with flu A. He was in for just 48 hours for fluids and you had one also briefly too, both over a week ago. Both got Tamiflu within 24 hours of onset.

As is typical for us in this concierge practice, today, Saturday, I just met a patient at the office with 12 hours of mild symptoms, as yet still not too ill, and performed an office flu test which was 4+ positive for flu A. I found Tamiflu for her and her husband (who is not yet sick but would be soon otherwise) at a distant Walgreens after three phone calls and THEY won’t be at the ER.

Few people, even doctors, know as we do that Tamiflu (works on both A & B) and Amantadine (Only works on A) given within 24 hours of Sx onset actually stop the illness cold in many cases, but almost nobody gets it that fast, except our patients. If you wait past 48 hours it simply does not work. One has to attack during the viral replication phase, which is brief.

Almost ALL our patients had flu shots, 95% plus, which was quite effective agains B and blunting of A. The ones that refused the shots, and in fact all our patients, have had the lecture about calling quick when sick or hurt with ANYTHING. They can get us in seconds, and today we have NOBODY in the hospital for anything, let alone flu. And as you know we usually have a census of 3-4 patients.

Somehow in the midst of our two flu drugs becoming “Unobtanium”, we have found it somewhere for all of them, so far. Proof of concept I must say.

And of course this concept applies to hundreds of less dramatic illnesses and injuries too.

Thomas W. LaGrelius MD, FAAFP

Dr LaGrelius invites all concierge doctors and Direct Practice doctor to join the American College of Private Physicians ( and help us help you spread the word.

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