I should not be mandated to PAY-to-Practice this great noble profession of Osteopathy.

IP4PI supporter Gina Reghetti, D.O. shares correspondence regarding continued attacks on the osteopathic profession.

Just a note to let you know that I received a letter today from the AOA, dated 1-9-2017 and signed by Jeffrey L. Weaver, O.D., yes, OD, not DO, an Optometrist who is the Vice President, Certifying Board Services, and from Eunice Lee, Associate Vice President, Client and Member Services, informing me that I have until February 1, 2017 to renew membership to keep my AOA board certification active. My board certification is wrongfully time-dated to expire in December 31st, 2022.

My scanner isn’t connecting to my PC wifi so I am unable to email the letter to you currently.

I called Jeffrey L. Weaver, O.D., this morning to confirm that he is not a DO, and I had a conversation with him for more than an hour regarding my views and concerns of the wrong agendas that the AOA has enforced on their doctors, such as re-certifications, and OCCs and membership dues connected to certifications.

He was very nice, and I informed him that I do not want my board certification deactivated. He informed me that the AOA Trustees through their task force has just completed phase II, where they have made major changes to the OCC modules because they don’t want to be like the MDs’ MOCs, and that they want to keep Osteopathic uniqueness front and center.

I came back to inform him that if that was true, the AOA would not allow Providers: Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and others to have advanced practice rights in medicine without medical school, and the AOA would not be selling out the Osteopathic Profession by opening up CMEs to the MDs and any others that pay money for their seminars to learn OMT=Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment and be able to use it on the public. I told him that the AOA is allowing for profit the uniqueness of Osteopathy to be sold to the highest bidder and to anyone. The AOA is selling out Osteopathy, a noble profession. I explained to him that if individuals wish to learn Osteopathy, then that is wonderful, but there is a proper way to learn it and that is through applying to Osteopathic Medical Schools, and residencies to further the skill, and to become an Osteopath.

I also explained that the Providers, which are not Physicians or Surgeons, but are non-physicians, should not be permitted into the doctors CME-continuing medical educational seminars to learn at the level that a doctor learns at but for a pro-rated fee much less than what the cost is to doctors! Attorneys don’t allow non-attorneys to buy into seminars and learn the tricks of trade, yet the AOA is doing it to the Doctors! They aren’t protecting the Osteopathic Uniqueness of our Trade! The AOA even down-grades us to terms such as PROVIDERS! We are not Providers, we are Physicians and Surgeon and have earned that respectful title.

It is so wrong! The AOA isn’t enforcing, as they should the protection of the Osteopathic Trade, by stopping others from acquiring osteopathic knowledge without the osteopathic medical school education that was required when I started to become a doctor. The AOA classifies their doctors as Providers, which is an insurance-labeled term to down grade the importance of doctors in American society and advance non-physicians into the first line of care for patients, further destroying the patient-physician relationship. If the osteopathic doctors cannot rely and trust, their very own national medical organization, the AOA; who on earth are they going to be able to turn to in order to be properly represented in this chaotic world that is pushing government and corporate insurance agendas to over-throw the medical profession, and advance non-physicians to care for the American people for no other reason other than to save big corporates money? It’s no longer about health and safety, it’s about control and greed. In 2017, I believe that there will be a huge audit on the allopathic, MDs’ specialty boards collection of fees through MOC, and re-certification agendas. Exposure must happen for both MDs and DOs to show the corruption that has infiltrated medicine and has tied the hands of the doctors so that they cannot uphold their oath.

The AOA places all of these non-sense restrictions, financial burdens, of re-certifications and OCC-osteopathic continuing certifications on their doctors, but not on all of their doctors, just the “younger” ones that have more training than the older ones. The doctors that are behind these evil agendas, don’t have to jump through the non-sense that they make the younger doctors jump through and many have never even board certified, let alone, re-certified, or did OCC modules against “national ratings.”

If the AOA agenda is so important to protect patients’ safety, then all doctors would be mandated to their non-scientific, unproven, for profit agendas, that are making the AOA wealthy and are driving out the private, solo, independent doctors that wish to care for patients in the free market, without insurance and governmental intrusions and mandates that have nothing to do with patients’ welfare, but everything to do with control.

The AOA isn’t concerned that the Providers: NPs or PA, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are gaining much control and rights to practice skills without medical school. The AOA is to be there for the doctors but they are not, and they are forcing doctors to do as they or told or else. They don’t want to hear oppositions and they place on their and their affiliate web sites information to inform the public to go to a board certified doctor and ones that are actively AOA members.

The AOA doesn’t care that the Providers can harm patients more so than any doctors could. Rather the AOA would much prefer to tie the Osteopathic Doctors’ hands and stop them from practicing the way that Osteopathy was to be practiced according to the way we were trained under Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., D.O.’s wishes, the founder of Osteopathy.

My degree, D.O.: Doctor of Osteopathy, from the founding college of Osteopathic Medicine, KCOM, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, now AT Still University, does not expire! My Certification and training should not either. I should not be mandated to PAY-to-Practice this great noble profession of Osteopathy.

Doctors, know what training they need through yearly CME courses. That is a life-long commitment we all make freely. We don’t want to be mandated, or forced into courses and agenda that do not serve our patients’ demographic populations.

I know what my patients need, the AOA doesn’t! Makes no sense to me that the AOA places mandates that are so burdensome and financially devastating on the doctors but looks the other way when they sell our trade out to non-osteopaths!

It’s wrong. I went to school, have a million dollar education, and now non-physicians can do what I do for far less, without medical school, without OCC, without board certifications and re-certifications and worse yet they can attend the same damn seminars that I worked and spent my life to be able to attend and they don’t have to do what I have to do or continue to do, and only have to pay pennies for what I have to pay thousands of dollars for. Makes no sense. Price fixing, I thought was against the law! Charging people based on their profession different prices for the same thing, as the AOA, and all of its affiliate organizations do. Just not right, not fair, not legal.

How can this legally be allowed? The AOA sells, and I mean sells our TRADE of Osteopathy, to anyone, doctor or not who wish to learn it! I spent nearly most of my life learning Osteopathy and I am no where close to knowing it all and never will be. I went to osteopathic medical school and I earned my right to master it and to practice it, but those that don’t follow the same required path should never be permitted to steal our trade and make claim that they are “qualified” to do OMT. It is so insulting to me and thousands of other doctors.

It is so harmful to us Osteopaths, and that is why Osteopathy gets a bad name when others make claim to it that are not qualified. I am so angry. It is so wrong what the AOA has done to the DOs. I should be able to practice medicine without all the stressors that the AOA exerts on me. It severely distracts from the patients and quality of care that they need and that is why I refuse to go along with the non-sense. I proved myself, I earned my degree, got my training, did board certification voluntarily, even did many re-certifications, and I refuse, and I mean refuse to be pushed any further. Enough is enough. The AOA is no longer with the DOs. They are the number one reason why Osteopathy will not survive. They must be stopped. The survival of Osteopathy, depends so badly, on you and the firm to please help us as you are committed to doing, and please never settle for less, or back down.
Osteopathy, to me, is like America’s Freedom, it is so worth defending and fighting for because once lost, it will be no more.

This must be stopped. Osteopathy belongs to the DOs, no one else. The AOA makes claims that their agendas are to preserve the Osteopathic uniqueness yet they sell out our trade for profit to all. Makes absolutely no sense to me, and I seriously feel so violated by the national organization that was intended to serve DOs, not destroy them. Of course, I won’t pay them another dime, I would be a fool to do such.

I thank you once again, for all of your hard work and efforts to bring Osteopathy back to their DOs, and give freedom to us all. Please commit the issues that I raised to memory. They are so important.

I want you to know how draining this is on me and I am certain on so many other doctors. It hurts me so badly to be treated so poorly by the AOA. It will have a lasting, life-time effect on me, sadly.

At another time I wish to inform you of how badly I am being treated by the state and local AOA affiliate organizations when it comes to accessing information for me to be able to stay compliant with Ohio Medical Board CME requirements. The AOA affiliate organizations, one here in Cleveland, the Cleveland Academy of Osteopathic Medicine, CAOM, doesn’t even allow access to upcoming CMEs so that pre-registration can be made for less than full price. I expressed the trouble to the AOA today and have noticed that the old site has been completely removed and a new site is now up and running, but it still is too late for pre-registration prices. The Executive Secretary, Jessica, at the CAOM told me to stay home and don’t come. So, I am also subjected to total disrespect. I voiced this to the AOA. These are AOA sponsored facilities, and I am a DO. Can you imagine that?

If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Gina Reghetti, D.O.
Warren, Ohio

9 thoughts on “I should not be mandated to PAY-to-Practice this great noble profession of Osteopathy.

  1. One does not even have to be practicing medicine or osteopathy to understand how hideously you are being treated. I think it its definitely a case of crony capitalism, and I fear that the independent doctors are being treated the worst.

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