Real Stories of the ACA Obamacare nightmare #1

Quoted with permission from anonymous source. This is a real physician, a single mom, in private practice who cannot afford ACA. She gave up her foreign citizenship to become an American citizen and vote against Obamacare. And on a personal level, she ROCKS and I wish her the best:

“It’s embarrassing to explain to the people at Pfizer how a physician doesn’t have insurance and cannot afford their medications…. yet I write medications for my Medicaid kids that will get covered no questions asked. I hate having arthritis. I also hate that because of the goddamn ACA I’m still uninsured. And I’m paying down on a several thousand dollar tab at the rheumatologist… while criminals in jail are getting better health care than our veterans!! And many illegal aliens are getting very expensive medical care at our expense!”



One thought on “Real Stories of the ACA Obamacare nightmare #1

  1. It is so ironic that a physician who probably makes a reasonably decent income cannot afford to buy insurance under the “Affordable” Care Act, which means “one thing – it was never meant to be affordable – it was meant to destroy the “health care” system in the U.S. so that a single-payer system could be instituted. None of Obama’s “promises” ever materialized, and I believe he knew they wouldn’t.

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