Principles for individual healthcare freedom

IP4PI Physicians support the following resolutions for the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the US:

1.  The full repeal, nullification or reconciliation of ACA/Obamacare as it was:

A. ACA passed by a partisan Congress (one party) by reconciliation. B. Changed by the executive branch 43 times without appropriate congressional action. C. Changed by SCOTUS to be a tax bill. D. Tax bills must originate in the House and ACA originated in the Senate. E. ACA has changed healthcare from a professional physician-patient interaction into merely an act of government HHS/CMS unelected bureaucratic compliance. F. ACA lead to an uncontrolled rise in costs for all citizens through increased taxes, insurance costs, hospital costs, physician costs, use of narrow networks and severely limited ACA approved options. G. IRS and tax penalties for any American citizens violate the US Constitution. H. Mutually accepted individual customer-vendor purchases are the ideal way to allow personal choice, encourage excellence and establish price competition for best citizen consumer value.

2.  Adoption of expanded HSAs to allow all citizens to purchase healthcare services of their choosing and products, direct primary care(DPC), prescription and over the counter(OTC) meds, at their sole discretion.

3.  Adoption of true individual insurance HDPs(not coupled to employer), that may compete across state lines to foster competition among companies, vendors and policy types. This competition would lead to a natural diversity of network-free plans and options, prices and allow for individual identification of relevant needs and voice of purchase to citizens.

4.  Encourage insurance without “provider” networks that discriminate against physicians and healthcare facilities, that limit plan and subscriber and citizen options.

5.  Repeal or sunset of all MACRA/MIPS provisions except the repeal of the SGR, which failed to control costs or increase quality. No quality metric in government or private sector can adequately describe, delimit, record or compensate for the art and science of healthcare. Freeze Medicare hospital payment schedule for one year till replacement. Medicare should only pay for major hospital expenses.  People pay directly for office consults. Develop Medicare HSAs for rollout 2018.

6.  Stop all HITECH EHR MU “bad-faith” audits as they are a witch hunt to punish physicians and healthcare facilities for so called non-compliance with ever changing, unrealistic government programs.

7.  Allow private patient-physician contracting with pretax dollars in all government healthcare programs including, but not limited to Medicare and Medicaid, without limitation or penalty. This allows for ultimate citizen consumer choice, establishment of personal value and matching of individual needs, wants and priorities.

8.  Allow balance billing in all government healthcare programs including, but not limited to Medicare and Medicaid, without limitation or penalty.

9.  Allow individual physicians, healthcare facilities, and patients to determine which form of health and healthcare record keeping systems are appropriate and acceptable whether paper, electronic EHR, electronic PHR or otherwise.

10.  All patient data, whether demographic, financial,  health or otherwise, must be private, secure and sacrosanct. It is not for viewing, use or exploitation by an entity, government, public or private.

11.  Block grant Medicaid back to individual states. It is intended to be a state needs based assistance plan not a federal bureaucracy. Each state has diverse individuals and populations which makes the states more responsive to their own needs than the federal government.

12. Government must not interfere with or put asunder the patient physician relationship or healthcare delivery in any way, shape or form. It violates the original Medicare charter in 1965.

13.  Physician’s should be lifetime certified after completing residency curriculum.  OCC/MOC should not apply. Certification OCC/MOC schemes cannot be used for licensure, hospital privileges or insurance participation. CME applicable for state licensure only.

14. Malpractice reform by instituting tort limits, loser pays all, alternative dispute resolution, protections for whistleblowers, sanctions for expert witness perjury, etc. to eliminate the current “payday gamble for big money payouts.”

15. Congress/legislative branch and executive branch must comply with whatever healthcare policy law they passed for obtaining their own health care.

These total healthcare resolutions allows for ultimate citizen consumer healthcare choice, establishment of personal value using individual moral and ethical value systems, as well as, matching of individual needs, wants and priorities at the sole discretion of the individual citizen.

Best wishes for good health,

Dr. Craig M. Wax
Family Physician/Host of Your Health Matters
Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM
Editorial Board of Medical Economics/Modern Medicine

Independent Physicians for Patient Independence, @IP4PI on Twitter and FB

9 thoughts on “Principles for individual healthcare freedom

  1. Great start and we would be better off for sure if this list was realized. With some of these areas under control of the States’ various Medical Boards, the president and Congress will have to use fineness and lots of persuasion. I would only point out that until physicians stop signing contracts with payers and stop doing their billing for them, then the issue balance billing will still continue to be a scourge on the profession. A price is a price – and should be the same for any willing buyer. Leave the contract between the subscriber and the insurer/payer; that is the only way to achieve advance pricing capabilities which leads to the kind of price transparency that will serve as the basis of real value determination.

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  3. I totally applaud these points. It is time to have REAL health care reform – not the fake one we got in 2010. I particularly like point #4, which is encouraging insurance without provider networks. Their negotiations are phony because they often result in higher pricing, and their discounts are a joke! Well, I could go on all day about that one, but don’t worry, I won’t.

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