The only way to truly “save medicine” in America

Jef Fernley, DO shares his letter to his Congressman and physician-colleague, Representative Andy Harris, MD.

Hey Andy!

I’m not a huge fan of the frequently Left leaning Medical Economics, (though I am a huge proponent of the Austrian school of economics, as I’ve undoubtedly made clear in the past.)

Their article merely reminded me that I’d been meaning to reach out to you. With a new administration and Republican domination in DC, there is undoubtedly an enormous line already formed for requests of the new hierarchy.

I will add only this, for now. The State/Government does ONE thing when it interferes/regulates/manages/governs free markets, it distorts the signals to both entrepreneurs and customers. We don’t need to “replace” Obamacare with anything. We don’t need to sift through the ACA for the “best parts” to save. The only way to truly “save medicine” in America is to REMOVE the hand of Government COMPLETELY.

We need The State/Government to allow Doctors and Patients to re-establish the direct relationship they once had. Allow the market (the sum of all the interactions in the voluntary place of exchange) to dictate prices (attempting to impose from above is socialism/communism, has repeatedly been shown to be a failed strategy, and real economics has clearly demonstrated that only the individual consumer can judge value).

Allow Doctors to be accountable to patients once again, and patients to freely choose from a free market of insurance products, the hospitals they feel most comfortable with, and who will serve them as their Physicians. Obviously, entitlements have driven the ever increasing Government involvement in and consequent destruction of Medicine in America. The original promise was that Medicare would simply be a payer. It would be worthwhile, to re-establish that position, as we restore the concept of individualism to America, and terminate appropriately over time, the true cancer that has facilitated the destruction of the Republic, State dependence.

End “Obamacare,” phase out Medicare/Medicaid, allow the People to care for themselves, their families, friends, neighbors, communities, without Government interference and the tired rhetoric of it being for our own good, our welfare, and in our best interests. Restore Charity to its proper place, close to the recipients, not run from an office in DC by a cadre of unelected bureaucrats.


2 thoughts on “The only way to truly “save medicine” in America

  1. Yes, while I had hoped that there would be a complete repeal of Obamacare, it’s looking like Trump is backtracking some because I think the so-called “do gooders” are influencing him. But, as you said, when the government becomes heavily involved in a sector of our economy, no one truly benefits. I would add the caveat that one sector of the economy does benefit – the crony capitalists who buy favors from our legislators to keep their little empires running. I really don’t think any of this was called for by the original authors of our Constitution.

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