The Real Reasons for the Trump Train

I challenge all to examine the real reasons that Donald J. Trump won the Presidency of the United States: 

1. Eight years of failed President Obama administration policies both domestic (Obamacare) and foreign (Iran, Middle East and Benghazi)

2. Democratic party embracing violent racist groups like Black Lives Matter while bashing Trump supporters and Republicans with false accusations of racism. 

3. Mainstream media liberal slant

4. Both Republican and Democrat parties leadership ignoring the will of the people for decades

5. The character, record and selfish profiteering of Hillary Clinton.

Now we must begin the task of the old and new leadership listening to the citizenry, unifying our people behind our founding principles of freedom and liberty, and getting our country back on task to champion individual rights and minimize government intrusion in our daily affairs. 

Craig M. Wax DO

Family physician

Media host

Member of congressional subcommittee National Physicians Committee on Healthcare Policy

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