Comments Due 9/23 on Proposed Rule Requiring Certification for Compact Licensure

As we’ve warned before, The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, is not going to solve the problem it claims to fix. It simply creates a new bureaucratic entity with little meaningful accountability.

The Commission in control of the Compact appears to be making a minor concession on the issue of MOC in an upcoming rule. The proposed rule currently under consideration requires that a physician seeking Compact licensure:

Holds specialty certification or a time-unlimited specialty certificate recognized by the ABMS or the AOA’s Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists. The specialty certification or a time unlimited specialty certificate does not have to be maintained once a physician is initially determined to be eligible for expedited licensure through the Compact.

Because of the above wording, the Commission will now claim they aren’t requiring MOC for Compact participation. However as board certification is required at the time of initial determination of eligibility, physicians not participating in onerous recertification schemes when applying for a compact license may find their ability to obtain a license via the compact in jeopardy.

The Commission is accepting comments on their proposed rule until 5pm Eastern on September 23!

Read draft comments at You can send in comments too!

The easist way to comment is to email or fax your comments to Commissioner Mark Bowden: FAX: (515) 242-5908.

Comments are due no later than 5pm Eastern on 9/23. 

Other ways to comment can be seen in the proposed rule:

Tell the Commission that:

  1. They should work to remove the Certification requirement entirely.
  2. Until they can remove the requirement they should a) allow other alternative certification and recertification boards like ABPS and NBPAS to meet the requirement and b) reinstate previously considered language allowing past certification to meet the requirement: “Currently holds, or has previously obtained specialty certification.”

No single medical board in the United States requires such certification as a licensing requirement and the current wording creates a discriminatory process for physicians with time-limited certification.

Licensure should not be tied to the whims of organizations controlled by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).  Such entities have been subjected to significant criticism regarding anti-competitive practices, financial impropriety, and misrepresentations about quality improvement due to certification and maintenance of certification. By the ABIM’s own admission “they got it wrong” and have repeatedly changed their recertification requirements. The Commission must ask if they will ever “get it right”?

The certification requirement is by no means the only problem with the Compact but is one of the main issues in this particular rule under consideration.

For more info about what’s wrong with the Compact see:

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