Anti-Trust Class Action Filed Against AOA by Osteopathic Physicians

Update: For more details and contact info related to this ground-breaking suit:

anit-oocA group of the nation’s osteopathic doctors – including IP4PI founder, Craig M Wax, DO, along with Albert A. Talone, DO,  Richard Renza, DO, and Roy Stoller, DO – filed suit against the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) to recover millions of dollars in annual membership fees that the doctors have been forced to pay for years to the organization. The money is paid as a condition of obtaining and maintaining physicians’ board certification in any advanced medical specialty. The physicians—who have filed the suit as a class action—contend that the requirement that they purchase memberships is illegal, has no reasonable connection to the advanced certification and violates the antitrust laws.

Class-action lawsuit filed against American Osteopathic Association over membership fees Philadelphia Business Journal, August 2, 2016
Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine in Certification Dispute Philadelphia Inquirer, August 2, 2016

Duane Morris Press Release: Osteopathic Physicians Sue to Recover Millions of Dollars in Membership Fees Paid to the AOA to Maintain Their Board Certifications

Class Action Complaint: Filed on August 1, 2016 in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey


13 thoughts on “Anti-Trust Class Action Filed Against AOA by Osteopathic Physicians

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    • The primary matter regarding antitrust is mandatory dues or loss of certification. Recurrent groundless expensive cycles of retesting, OCC/MOC, is a subsidiary issue also to be addressed. Please share your email address as contact information and we will keep you in the loop.

  3. Anti-Trust Issues at Play that is Also Related

    1. US DOs are American Graduates.
    2. Most DOs go to American elementary schools, American high schools, and Private American undergraduate Colleges.
    3. Of Course, DOs go to American Osteopathic Schools.
    4. Now, the real story!
    5. American MDs are seemlessly in bed with FMGs.
    6. US DOs pay the taxes and take in loans to go to private schools.
    7. FMGs go to chepa schools in the Common Wealth or other third World Countries for peanuts.
    8. The US DOs pay for the FMGs to get choice residencies, felloships and other dvance trainings.
    9. Yet, the US DOs, who pay for these American Training programs cannot get these advance residencies and fellowships as they are filled by FMGs.
    10. The US MDs are in full support of this discriminations process. They will choose FMGs but, they will not choose a DO into a choice residency spot or fellowship program.
    11. For this ACGME has to be sued. They are using our DO money to train FMGs but, yet the gate keepers at the medical centers will not consider DOs.
    12. There are FMG chairman sitting at the Major Medical Centers, yet they will not consider DOs. And most are at the State University medical center.
    13. For a fact, an MD medial school cente in Calfornia said that they will not take in DO residents or Fellows, yet they are loaded with FMGs.
    14. The ACGME and the programs and the program directors have to be sued to correct this problem.
    15. It is a crime to take our money to run training programs in the USA, and we have ACGME and the US MDs giving out those spots to the FMGs.
    16. The US DOs is an 100 percent Americann institusions. We need our rights and are sick of being thirs class behind the US MDs and the FMGs.

  4. I think this is interesting and important. As a DO who is faculty at an MD school I have often found that the profession places some difficult restrictions around my remaining licensed and board certified. In Florida to maintain my license I have to attend the required courses at an Osteopathic accredited course. I asked why and was told it was to be able to interact with speakers. Our MD colleagues do not do this – they can watch the lectures on line. This year I paid FOMA I can’t tell you how much money to attend their annual meeting to make this requirement. I then watched the lecture on video 2 rooms away from where the actual speaker was and even sat on the floor. I am watching this case with interest because I wouldn’t be surprised if we in Florida decide to take action.

    • So true, and don’t forget that the AOA has not supported the rights of the DOs because now they sell our trade, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) to DOs and soon other non-physicians (Providers) all for money!

      The DOs that did their residencies after 1997 are forced to pay thousands of dollars to keep their board certifications yet the ones prior to 1997 are grandfathered in and don’t need to do re-certifications due to non time-dated board certifications.

      • Correction from above:

        So true, and don’t forget that the AOA has not supported the rights of the DOs because now they sell our trade, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) to non-DOs and soon other non-physicians (Providers) all for money!

  5. What really upsets me is that all doctors, both DOs and MDs have devoted most of their life to the study of medicine, medical school, residencies, fellowships, etc… and now the government and other third party intruders are pushing and flooding the United States’ Healthcare with Providers (non-physicians) that are granted advanced practice rights in most of the states! It is so wrong, and it should never be happening in the great USA! Patients deserve to have doctors and surgeons as their first choice for healthcare. They should not be forced to see non-physicians!

    I don’t even agree with the Providers (non-physicians) working in the Urgent Care Centers, Emergency Rooms, and The USA Department of Veterans’ Affairs!

    There are many American Doctors in USA; they just aren’t given priority and are being replaced with others coming into the country.

    The AOA has dealt Osteopathy a fatal blow by not supporting our unique Osteopathic Trade and all the DOs!

    Cannot wait until the Class-Action Suit hits Ohio! I’ll be the first to sign my name!

    Take them down for restricting the Osteopathic Trade!

    DOs are made in the USA! USA first always!

  6. There is a double standard here in the USA where Providers (non-physicians) are doing just about everything that the doctors are doing but the AOA, AMA, and Government charges the doctors far more to stay in practice, to stay compliant, to seek licenses and certifications.

    Price fixing is against the law but it happens daily to the doctors!

    Doctors are forced to buy CMEs, yet Providers (non-physicians) can take the same classes, now right along with the doctors, which is totally wrong, and be charged a much lower price!

    Doctors need to speak up about all of these illegal activities that are promoted to harm the American Doctors!

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