Three Simple Steps CMS Can Take To Save Medicare for our Children

Dear Mr. Slavitt:

CMS can be the hero that saves Medicare for our children and grandchildren by simply starting out with these three steps:

1. Take the handcuffs off solo and small practices, which are the most efficient, productive, effective and inexpensive healthcare facilities available.

The stated goal of MACRA MIPS is to make care more available, inexpensive and productive. Per government data published in Medical Economics, 89% of solo practices will get hit with penalties and a majority of small practices of less than 10 physicians, some 110,00 physicians, will be also be penalized. All solo and small practices are potentially vulnerable to bankruptcy due to MACRA.

The solo and small practice must therefore be completely exempted from this MACRA data management compliance program.  Ideally, all of MACRA should be scrapped.

2. Patient and physician data must be private and kept off the Internet and out of massive government databases. EHR security and privacy are zero when interconnected.

EHR inter-operability was tried in the United Kingdom after decades and billions spent, only to be abandoned as unrealistic in 2012. EHR has also been attributed directly to a drop in care quality here and abroad.

3. Implement free market solutions where patients pay for “the low hanging fruit,” physician costs. Direct Primary Care DPC and direct patient-physician contracting save big money for all parties by cutting out government compliance costs and insurance administrative costs. Patient  should select and pay for what they want using their own value systems, priorities and resources. Medicare Part A could continue to pay for catastrophic expenses in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Medicare Part B will continue to flounder as it micromanages all the small expenses with compliance nonsense and over-regulation.,1

These ideas will give patients the best healthcare possible, efficiently, individually, privately, and most important of all, cost-effectively, saving the federal government tax payers billions.  Please take them under serious consideration.  Our kids and grandkids depend on it.


Best wishes for good health,

Craig M. Wax, DO

Family Physician

National Physicians Council on Healthcare Policy member

Host of Your Health Matters

Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM

Twitter @drcraigwax


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