A majority of the 483 MACRA comments are negative

Arvind R. Cavale, MD, FACE, writes in:

I liked this comment by a Doc Holliday “This will never work. It is doomed to failure. You are killing the goose.

There will be no one to care for you who actually cares when you are old and decrepit. I hope when you are there you remember your contribution to the destruction of quality doctor-patient relationships which you helped to destroy. Oh, and forget about that physician assisted suicide you craved, we’re gonna let you enjoy your golden years. Go ahead kill all the doctors. See where that gets you.”

I see that a majority of the 483 comments are negative, like this one from my friend Jeff Mandel “While I have yet to read the 962 pages in their entirety, I have heard several CMS-sponsored presentations on the proposed rule making. I am astounded and greatly dismayed at the level of unnecessary, convoluted complexity that our government has proffered to unleash upon an already fragile healthcare delivery system. The intrusiveness into physicians’ lives, workflows, and livelihoods is unprecedented and immoral. This speaks nothing to the patient privacy issues that will arise if this abomination of legislation is approved. I can only hope that some rational thinking emerges from CMS and sanity prevails in discarding this lunacy-driven suicide plan for the independent practice of medicine – unless, of course, that is the intent.

If approved as written, I foresee a mass exodus of Medicare participating physicians that have already been over-burdened with meaningless, costly, and care-degrading mandates. Imagine if physicians had the opportunity to devise an equally sinister rubric under which CMS employees would be evaluated and compensated – is that scenario any less just or outrageous than this rule which is currently proposed?

CMS’s ongoing complicity and enforcement in support of information technology vendors’ flawed systems, quasi-governmental regulatory bodies’ unproven care transformation models, and Draconian cost shifting strategies must be thoroughly re-evaluated before casting them into law. Even in the unlikely event that the application of unbiased due-diligence yields unequivocal evidence favoring the proposed schema, the timeline for implementation is simply too compressed and unrealistic.

Please reconsider what you are doing, why you are doing it, and the impact this will have on our ability to provide care for our patients – there must be a better answer.”

Here is what John Halamka wrote in HealthcareIT News: https://shar.es/1J6BSo

As my second comment, I posted this “As a taxpayer that funds the salaries of all of CMS’ employees, I would like the public to create a “value-based” salary system for CMS Administrators and Congressmen/women. Once such a system is up and running, then I will be willing to sign on to MIPS/APM. What is good for the goose must be good for the gander. If Mr. Slavitt is unwilling to accept this arrangement, he must recommend that CMS not implement MCARA or resign his position. Anything short of that will be hypocritical.”

If CMS reads the comments submitted honestly, they will stop its implementation.

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