Calling all Citizens About Your Rights, Privacy & Healthcare Options 

For Urgent Consideration and Action

This letter is from The National Physician’s Council on Healthcare Policy, or NPCHCP. We are a national organization comprised of physicians from many different specialties from a majority of states. In 2009 the Council was established by members of the US Congress for the purpose of gathering practicing physician’s input on issues relating to medicine, surgery and government healthcare policy.

The Council has read and critiqued the nine hundred and sixty two pages (962) of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS Rules spawned from the MACRA Law. By unanimous opinion, even if the stated goals were laudable, the MACRA Rules as written are impossible to implement and will, like the “so-called,’ Affordable Care Act,” or ACA, waste billions of taxpayer dollars and violate your rights to privacy, security and choiceif they are allowed to proceed forward.

MACRA/MIPS will destroy your privacy, security and healthcare options, taking out the solo and small groups first as physicians buckle under MACRA’s financial burden and become salaried employees or leave practice. Implementation will force physicians by law to betray the Hippocratic Oath by linking payment to the collection of intimate and private data on all patients, not just Medicare and Medicaid enrollees. All data must be made available without restriction to CMS and related government entities via the electronic medical record, per the regulations, endangering your privacy and security. The government and insurance industry are exempted from HIPAA, the so-called, “privacy statute.” Further, mandatory reporting and participation by physicians and healthcare facilities is to be used for bureaucrats to publically grade physicians on the pretense of quality. MACRA MIPS will not pay for your healthcare office visits to physicians and facilities, but by a complex series of equations based on your personal, formerly private data. The government is free and clear to ration care by choking payment to death for certain procedures, groups or even individuals as they see fit, with no responsibility to the people it is purported to serve.

In 1965, Medicare was passed with the distinct caveat that the law would in no way interfere with the practice of medicine and surgery. In contrast, the MACRA law allows total government intrusion into every aspect of the practice of medicine, including unfettered access to every person’s personal health data. This includes not just Medicare recipients, but all insured persons, whether individual, corporate or government. This law actually extends CMS reporting requirements to individual privately insured, employer sponsored, as well as, government Medicare and Medicaid patients also. This will most certainly be challenged in court.

The frequent justification for government interference is that the current healthcare expenditures cannot be sustained. Under the auspices of enhancing quality, fixing a flawed payment system and controlling costs, Congress passed another healthcare law few had read. Ironically, the MACRA solution adds billions of dollars in IT, administrative, and software costs to physicians and the taxpayers. At the same time the law takes physicians away from the care of patients. The only winners are policians, IT vendors, hospitals, big pharma and entities selling compliance courses and software. With strong opposition, we can stop MACRA during this CMS Rules Comment Period.

The WSJ on May 7, 2016 reported that Washington rules now impose $1.9 trillion of annual costs to the US economy, or $15,000 per household. Smaller business is the hardest hit. It is our opinion that every taxpaying citizen has an obligation to protect their own self interests of privacy, security and freedom of choice.

We urge you to voice opposition to this government takeover of your privacy, freedom of choice, and healthcare options during the CMS MACRA comment period prior to June 27, 2016. We all can and must do better. 

Here is where you may make your comments:!submitComment;D=CMS-2016-0060-0068

The NPCHCP thanks you for all your help. Let’s take back our rights and freedom NOW.

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