MACRA is what you get when United Healthcare runs CMS

Barbara Duck, @MedicalQuack writes in:

This is what happens when you have a Quant, formerly a Quant/CEO from United Healthcare running CMS. Slavitt had not changed his spots at all and over the years United has been mentoring CMS and HHS on their models anyway, where he was in fact involved.

I’ve beat my brains out trying to bring this awareness around for years with math modeling and evil algorithms being the vehicles that drive this. Again, I can’t wait until he’s out of that office as I do well trolling him on TwitterJ That’s for real too as having my former background as an EMR programmer, I can dive right in there. The relationship with HHS and United Healthcare is so scary and has been for years and it all developed right in plane site as nobody seemed to want to even blink an eye.

So how many MDs will be driven out of private practice now and end up working at one of the over 300 MedExpress (United Healthcare owned) urgent care centers? I don’t want to see that of course, but mention it as a “part of the plan” with CMS and HHS restructuring.

This is like the Ingenix Phoenix bird resurrecting from the ashes if you will, as it’s the same math modeling that Slavitt learned at both Goldman and McKinsey corporation as that’s what they do there and look how many McKinsey consultants have gone to jail or gotten in trouble with the law, Valeant CEO is the most recent that comes to mind.

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