Patients Suffer When the Government Plays Doctor

Guest Post by Gina Reghetti, D.O.

I believe that the United States’ Addiction problem is no accident. I believe it was created and supported via the USA’s government in an attempt to “dumb-down” our people, and easily control them through mandates and force. They wish to totally infiltrate medicine through their healthcare agendas, and knock doctors out of their own profession, and take medicine over entirely so that they can easily control peoples’ lives.

No other diseases, except Opioid Addictions are now regulated and controlled through the judicial system, the legal system, through “Drug-Courts” where judges over-rule the decisions of doctors when they treat patients that are suffering from Opioid Addictions. The judges are not helping the individuals, they are harming them by not following the advice of the patients’ doctors!

The Government, or the Judicial system, never request help from the treating physicians but always goes against what the doctors’ orders are. This tells me very clearly that their agendas are not to help individuals but are to seriously harm them, keep them labeled, and down, so that continued failure is in their future, not wellness, and success.

The judges are practicing medicine without a medical license from their benches, and they are getting away with it! The DATA 2000 Act is the Drug Addiction Treatment Act that the federal government allowed which gives trained doctors that have a Waiver from the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, to treat patients that have addictions within their private practice along with other patients that have other diseases, with respect and privacy.

It was intended not to “label” and “single out” patients that suffer from addictions, so that more patients would seek help rather than be afraid to seek help due to the labels that society places on them, but the government itself doesn’t obey the rules and regulations. They just do whatever they want whenever they want and nothing happens to the individuals that are employed under their powers. They all get immunity.

The DATA 2000 Act authorizes Suboxone and Subutex as the medication for treatment of opioid addictions. The judges go against their rulings and indicate that it is just another “drug substitue” and that it doesn’t help patients!

As a doctor, I don’t prescribe drugs, drugs are illicit from the street! I prescribe medications that are required from the federal government for treatment of opioid addiction. The doctors that do treat opioid addictions are caught in a trap. The regulations indicate that doctors are to do this and that, mind you these are federal regulations, and are also regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA, and now the state medical boards and state pharmacy board, in Ohio.

The governmental healthcare system is so broken; especially, when it comes to treating opioid addictions. I believe that it is the number one reason why most doctors don’t want to get involved with treating patients that are addicted.

The federal government treats the doctors as criminals. That tells me it is all in place to appear as if the government really wants to help, but this simply isn’t true at all.

I wrote the letter at the link below because as a doctor, I am a victim of governmental abuse because I treat individuals that are inflicted with the deadly disease of Opioid Addiction.

Click here: Sunshine Needed as Corrupt Bureaucrats Attack Physicians and Patients | IP4PI – Independent Physicians for Patient

My local government, through the Champion Township Trustees, attempted to illegally re-zone my commercial medical office property to residential without my knowledge because two of the three trustees didn’t like the “type” of people that I treat! I treat all individuals regardless of their disease, not just patients that suffer from opioid addictions.

Their actions were seriously wrong but they are getting away with it, because they are part of the government. They violated Ohio’s Sunshine Laws by failing to document the events of this public special meeting of October 30th, 2012 so that the people could know how their tax dollars are being used.

I reported this to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and they are investigating this situation currently. The state of Ohio is a big recipient of federal grant money for addictions, and what the trustees did is illegal. Let’s see what happens to them.

The trustees showed extreme discrimination against individuals that are addicted. The trustees indicated during their three hour special meeting that if they could not shut down Dr. Gina Reghetti before she got her occupancy permit then they would track me and get me on a “public nuisance.

The trustees indicated that they would have the Champion Police Department start tracking all the crimes committed in the township and blame me for them because of the “type of people” that I treat! The trustees’ zoning attorney advised them that they could also have the cops “watch and track” the patients’ cars that are parked at Dr. Gina Reghetti’s office to see what type of drugs they are bringing in.

This doesn’t sound like a government that wants to help patients that are suffering from opioid addictions to me. The pressures that the government is putting on doctors that treat addictions is intentional so that doctors stop doing the treatment. Then the government wins, and absorbs all the mental health opioid addiction patients and sends them to their “Providers” which are non-physicians, which do not question the flawed system, and do not stand up for patients’ rights. The courts and government gather private mental health medical records about the patients that are suffering from Opioid Addictions, and then profile them.

The disease of Opioid Addiction isn’t treated by the government as a disease, but rather as a choice, and that is why the government and courts use the derogatory term “Addicts” to describe individuals that suffer from this disease. They totally disrespect the patients. It is intended to keep people down and labeled; sick, not well.

It’s just another example of mind control that is used to keep people down by hurting their self-esteem by implying that the individual is sick by choice, not disease, which places total responsibility for this disease on the patients. The term “Addict” blames the individual that is sick for their own disease! No other disease labels a patient that is inflicted with a disease so badly as does the term “Addict” when describing patients that have the disease of opioid addiction. It causes society to look down on those that are inflicted by it, all part of the governmental agenda to take control of these individuals so society won’t think twice about them. The governmental mandated psychological counseling programs all make the patients that have the disease of opioid addictions call themselves “Addicts.” They are required to introduce themselves as, Hi, I’m a “Addict.” They never get better. They are required to attend counseling for life. It’s total brain-washing, and it is a total failure. The courts order this type of treatment, not treatment under doctors’ care that has been proven to work. The government doesn’t want people to be well and aware!

As a highly trained doctor, I ask all individuals to please stop harming and attaching labels as “Addicts” on the people that are inflicted with opioid addiction; a disease that is terminal if left untreated by trained doctors that specialize in addiction medicine. People are not Addicts! They are beautiful individuals that just happened to fall prey to this deadly disease of opioid addiction.
Labels belong on shirts, if even there, not people!

I believe this governmental control is for one reason only, that being the government fears its people, and it wishes to remove our rights to own guns under our constitutional second amendment. This may take decades, but it begins somewhere, and the somewhere is now through the healthcare monitoring systems in use via the electronic medical records (EHR). Government has started their medical monitoring of people with the so-called mentally ill, especially the opioid addicted patients. See why it was created? Addictions are not the result of doctors, it is the result of governmental experimentation to seize control of medicine and monitor patients’ entire medical records so that their lives can be controlled.

Now, back to where I started. I briefly want to document what I see happening in Trumbull County, Warren, Ohio, where I practice Osteopathic Medicine. Patients that suffer from opioid addictions have the hardest time to find any type of help through the insurance companies for treatment. The insurance companies are all denying needed care completely, or are limiting the treatment to a maximum number of visits of fifteen visits per year, and they are getting away with it. Patients tell me it is so easy to get narcotic prescriptions filled without any questions from the insurance companies, and they seem to pay for the medical visits no matter how frequently they go, especially Medicaid! No questions asked.

The insurance companies require pre-authorization to get the required medications approved for patients with opioid addictions, and if they approve them they only do so for a very limited time which seriously interferes with the doctors’ time and practice, and it takes needed time away from the patients that need medical attention.

The insurance companies also require the doctor to answer all of these ridiculous questions. Once the doctor reveals their federal waiver DEA license, which grants the right to treat opioid addictions, that should be more than enough for the insurance companies. The doctors are trained. They know what the rules and regulations are. They know how to practice medicine. The insurance companies are not medical doctors, and they need to stay out of medicine entirely, and pay for the patients’ medical care. We all know that health insurance does not mean medical care! It just means that they have health insurance that doesn’t cover anything!

The insurance companies do not question patients when they continually get large amounts of narcotics for pain such as Oxycontin, Morphine, Percocets and so on. Yet, when it comes to patients getting help for their opioid addictions the road blocks are enormous, and must stop.

The government is not doing anything about this. The only thing the government is doing is giving the insurance companies greater control over medicine, doctors, and patients. This is wrong, and it must stop.

The next president must put doctors back in charge of medicine, and understand that Providers are not doctors! All American citizens have the right to quality healthcare directly with doctors, not supervised by so-called doctors, but directly seen and cared for by doctors, not Providers! America needs to put respect back into our country! Respect those that spend time to get educated, don’t take their titles and credentials away. That is what happens under Socialistic control.

The other serious road blocks that patients are having comes from the pharmacies. Opioid Addicted patients cannot get their prescriptions filled that come to see me in Trumbull County if they live in another county. This is ridiculous. Aren’t we the United States of America? People are so controlled. They cannot even get prescriptions filled if it is not in the same county that they live in. One of the major requirements that I enforce is that all prescriptions that are written by me must be filled at one pharmacy. I don’t care who they use but I do recommend independent pharmacies, not big pharmaceutical corporation chains, rather mom and dad businesses.

I have patients that come to me from many surrounding states because I treat them well, and they get better. I fix the problems. When patients take my prescriptions to pharmacies in Trumbull County, Ohio, where I practice, and my medical office is located, the pharmacies refuse to fill their prescriptions. Many pharmacies don’t carry the medications that are needed for opioid addictions, and I don’t permit the prescriptions to be filled except on that same day that they are written, so no time to wait for the pharmacies to order the medication in. This delay with filling my prescriptions could result in death to the patient by the hands of an over-dose of the illicit drugs that patients will resort to when they don’t have the needed medications, when needed, to stop their pain and suffering from their addictions. So not only is the government interfering so badly in my practice, but so are the insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies. All of this is coming about because I treat individuals that are addicted.

Many of the pharmacists that I called and spoke with indicated that they are so sorry that they won’t fill “out of county” or “out of state” prescriptions because of the governmental audits that are coming down on them. They indicated that the government is making it nearly impossible for them when it comes to dispensing buprenorphine products such as Suboxone, or Subutex which are used for Opioid Addictions per the federal government rules. They also indicated that the pharmaceutical company that makes Suboxone and Subutex limits the quantity that they can order. It doesn’t sound like a country that wants to resolve America’s addiction problems. Rationed care sounds socialistic to me.

The bottom line is the government is forcing doctors out of practice because they want to control healthcare entirely. They don’t want the highly educated doctors to influence patients of what is really happening in our country and worldwide. They don’t want people off of pharmaceutical, high profit products, and well. They want them chronically sick, and ill.

I believe that the people are awake, and can see it all so clearly now.

I took the time out of my busy life to educate and inform all that America is in serious trouble, and We the People must stand up for our rights because if they don’t, they will be lost along with our freedoms forever.

Once freedom is gone, one won’t see it ever again!

Vote wisely, know the candidates’ stance, especially on healthcare, because those that regulate your healthcare, regulate your life. Take it very seriously.

Thanks for reading and for helping me spread the word about how corrupt the United States Government really is!

Gina Reghetti, D.O.

6 thoughts on “Patients Suffer When the Government Plays Doctor

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  2. I am totally with you on this, Dr. Reghetti. I am sick of the way government controls so much in health care (could I ever tell you stories about the situation with my employer who is an independent orthopaedic surgeon), and it will only get worse if either Clinton or Sanders become president. Although I think Trump is totally obnoxious and unreliable, and I would prefer Cruz at this point, I would have to plug my nose and vote for Trump if he is the Republican nominee because the alternative is SO much worse, especially in terms of health care.

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