Resolved: End Re-certification Abuse

Resolution on Re-Certification Sent to NJAOPS HOD

To:       Robert Bowen, Executive Director, NJAOPS

Paul Morris, D.O. Speaker of the House, NJAOPS
Robert Pedowitz, D.O.,President, NJAOPS
Michelina Desantis, D.O., President-Elect, NJAOPS
Ira Monka, D.O., Member, AOA Board of Trustees
Al Talone, D.O., Chairman, JOPAC

Re:        Proposed Resolution on Re-Certification

Date:    Feb 10, 2016


Whereas Board Certification was always intended to be a one time accomplishment based upon completion of a course of intensive training, clinical experience and study, followed by an examination and

Whereas Board Certification was always intended to be a lifetime achievement, just the same as a diploma from a University or an Osteopathic Medical School and

Whereas, over the past twenty years, Re-certification has insidiously become a requirement for physicians and

Whereas recertification has never been scientifically proven to be a measure of a physician’s competency, qualification, or standard of practice and

Whereas recertification is burdensome, time consuming, and expensive and

Whereas osteopathic physicians have been advised that their certification would no longer be viable if they failed to pay dues or maintain membership in various osteopathic organizations and

Whereas HMO’s, hospitals, institutions, employer, insurance companies, and state medical boards have begun to use re-certification as a measure of credentialing and as a means of interfering with a physician’s right to continue to practice good medical care to his patients and

Whereas recertification requirements have resulted in serious disruptions of physicians’ practices, thus taking away valuable time from the care of patients and the doctors’ personal lives and

Whereas no other professionals who serve the public, such as school teachers, lawyers, police officers, dentists, pharmacists, engineers, legislators, judges, accountants, HMO executives, firefighters, and US Presidents are subject to similar onerous and overreaching requirements to practice their profession and

Whereas the American Osteopathic Association is a non-profit dues paying organizations that was created to represent its physician members, not to add to the burden of their professional practice, therefore it is

Resolved that the American Osteopathic Association immediately consider all board certifications to be permanent and lifetime and further be it

Resolved that the American Osteopathic Association discontinue its current recertification process  in all areas of specialization, and it is further

Resolved that the American Osteopathic Association commence a legislative initiative in all 50 states to prevent HMO’s, State Boards of Medical Examiners, insurance companies, hospitals, institutions, medical schools, clinical practices, and all other physician employers from requiring recertification as method of credentialing of a physicians qualifications and be it further

Resolved that the American Osteopathic Association will do its best to work together with the American Medical Association in further these resolutions.

3 thoughts on “Resolved: End Re-certification Abuse

    • It is a pending resolution for the house of delegates in the summer meeting. Make sure you and your elected representatives support measure. The Chicago AUA leadership will use all parliamentary tricks to stop for measure as they have in years past.

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