Total betrayal by AOA of ALL its members.

Your AOA dues are hard at work promoting the Interstate Medical License Compact.  This will mean mandatory certification for all new graduates before obtaining a license.  And the claim that OCC isn’t required for licensure through the Compact is pure smokescreen.  Does the AOA underestimate the intelligence of its members? Or perhaps AOA staff overestimates their own?

Is OCC required for licensure through the Compact?  “The answer to this question is ‘no,'” states the Commission. Yet a few sentences later they explain, “a physician must demonstrate current certification to be eligible for licensure via the Compact.”

Except for “grandfathers,” osteopathic physicians must pay in time and dollars for OCC compliance if they want to maintain their certification. OCC IS required for Compact participation.  Q.E.D.

And it will only be a matter of time before they start to promote OCC, MOC, MOL, and recertification as a requirement for relicensure, as phase two of this endeavor.

In New Jersey today, you need two years of residency to obtain a temporary license and three years of residency to receive a permanent license.  Waiting for official certification credentialing could take many months or years without an income, all while paying off student loans of up to $ 250,000 at 7 % annual interest.

It is ironic that your dues are paying for all this.


Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission Meets; Six New States Introduce Compact Bills

In late December, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission convened for a second time to continue the process of establishing the entity and making decisions that will lead to issuing licenses through the Compact.

The Commissioners confirmed that while board certification is required for initial licensure, Osteopathic Continuous Certification and Maintenance of Certification are not required for relicensure under the Compact.

In related news, Wisconsin became the twelfth member state in the Compact and six new states have introduced legislation to join. Twenty-six states have now introduced or adopted bills to become members. The AOA continues to support the Compact as a way for states to work together to ease the administrative burdens for physicians seeking licensure in multiple states. It is expected that several states will join the Compact in the coming legislative cycle.

1 thought on “Total betrayal by AOA of ALL its members.

  1. I am a third year osteopathic anesthesia resident. I recently became aware of these issues regarding MOC. What can I do to help with this issue?

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