Sunshine Needed as Corrupt Bureaucrats Attack Physicians and Patients

Guest Post from Gina Reghetti, D.O.

FYI, read the article about sunshine laws and my response copied below to the Trumbull County Ohio Tribune Chronicle regarding what happened to me. Let’s see if they publish it! So sick of the cover-up corruption everywhere.

Dear Editor:

I read the article in the Tribune Chronicle, “Officials need more focus on sunshine laws” today on January 17, 2016, and I agree that more emphasis must be placed on the rules that are established through Ohio’s Sunshine Laws, and the laws must be enforced.

I am a victim of the Champion Township Trustees’ Special Meeting of 10-30-2012 in which two of the trustees, Bob Farmer and Jeff Hovanic, along with Champion Township Zoning Attorney Mark Finamore, attempted to harm my livelihood in an illegal attempt to re-zone my commercial property to residential without my knowledge. Former Trustee Bill Templeton openly records all of their public meetings and gave me a copy of their three-hour CD for my legal counsel.

The first one, and one-half hours of the CD was about negotiating for insurance contracts for Champion Township employees and was a planned meeting, but the last one, and one-half hours of the meeting was not planned according to Bill Templeton. He indicated that as a trustee he was never made aware of such an agenda, but apparently others knew, such as the two trustees, the zoning attorney, zoning board member Howard Caldwell, and an undercover Ohio State Highway Patrol officer, Larry Skaggs.

I have the CD, and would gladly provide the Tribune, or the news with a copy so that they can research and print the truth about the local government’s agenda and prove how Ohio Sunshine Laws are not being followed; yet nothing seems to come from it. Just more of the same, government harming its citizens.

Less than a twenty-four hour notice of the Champion Township’s Trustees meeting was given to the public, another violation of Ohio’s Sunshine Laws. If one request the Minutes from the 10-30-2012 Special Meeting of the Champion Township, it will clearly reveal another serious violation of Ohio Sunshine Laws; that being complete failure to document what actually went on at that meeting, which was the attempt to re-zone my property without my knowledge. It’s completely off the public record. The only evidence that exist of it is the CD.

The public needs to be made aware of this, and tax payers need to know how their money is being used, and how corrupt government can really be.

I believe, two of the trustees used tax-payers money for their own personal agendas.

Please feel free to print my comment.


Gina Reghetti, D.O.
Daughter of a Late WWII Army Veteran
The 110 Building
110 Edward Street, NW
Warren, Ohio

16 thoughts on “Sunshine Needed as Corrupt Bureaucrats Attack Physicians and Patients

  1. AOA’s General Counsel Josh Prober sent legal letter complaint to Ohio Attorney General’s Office via Email & Certified U.S.P.S

    Article #70041160000486282672 for Champion Township Trustees interfering with my livelihood.

    Thank you Attorney Prober!

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  4. Tweeters: Please tweet to @ohioauditor, @MikeDeWine Ohio Attorney General, & Ohio Gov. Kasich @JohnKasich to demand that a full blown investigation into this corruption ends with convictions of all involved! We the People aren’t going to tolerate abuse of authority & illegal use of Tax Payers’ Money! Take them down. Drain the Swamp & throw out the Trash!

    Dr. Gina Reghetti

  5. The Champion Township Trustees don’t like the “type” of people that I treat!
    I’m a doctor and I treat all types of diseases, even if the disease is opioid addiction.
    The Trustees abuse their position of authority. They attempted to destroy my livelihood as a doctor.
    They all need to go to jail. We must drain the Swamp!

    Now, a judge at the Trumbull County Court of Common Pleas, is practicing medicine from his bench without a medical license and he is getting away with it. Big Time Corruption in Trumbull County. The judge takes patients that are suffering from the disease of opioid addiction and mandates them to stop the medications that a doctor ordered! This judge is endangering many lives and must be stopped. Even though the medications are federally approved as the treatment for opioid addictions, the judge feels that he knows best and seriously interferes with individuals’ lives. If they don’t do as he orders, they go to jail and are forced to suffer because they are no longer able to take their medications. Why is this happening? The courts have now decided that they have the authority to “practice medicine” and has started “drug-courts” to manage the “addictions.” It does nothing to help the patients.

    Opioid Addiction falls under the mental health category and is a terminal disease if left untreated. Doctors are the ones that have the degree and right to practice medicine, not judges, not attorneys!
    When a judge stops a doctor’s order and jeopardizes patients’ lives; the courts have gone way too far. It is total injustice and the public needs to fully understand what is really going on.

    Demand that Judges stop practicing medicine from their benches.

    Gina Reghetti, D.O.

  6. Well, it only took me six years to get the Secretary of the State Auditor to Champion Township to do their audit on the corrupt Champion Township Trustees that held an illegal special meeting on 10-30-2012 to attempt to re-zone my commercial property to residential. Many bad players involved. Connected to the courts and far up. Trumbull County, Warren, Ohio, USA. We shall soon see if justice results. SOS is in town!

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