We Need to Become Joyous Warriors

Richard Armstrong, MD writes in response to Dr. Kris Held’s guest post:

Kris, Yes, but I must also add something which we discussed in Colorado to what I believe is simply a factual observation. The circumstances we are currently living have been very long in the making. Those who favor “government run and planned” medical care are running up against a very harsh reality.the economics of their plans don’t work.there is a fundamental math issue which they tend to gloss over and ignore, but just witness the Vermont attempts. Even Governor Shumlin had to finally admit, although he waited for his re-election, that in the final analysis they couldn’t do it.duh.it is no surprise to us.

However, the majority of American physicians do not follow this stuff or understand it. Most have been conditioned to react negatively to any mention of the free market which they equate with those “evil” capitalists who work for profit. I had a patient tell me this last week who owns a local restaurant. I asked her…”so, what if I told you that it was “evil” to make a profit in your business?” She wrinkled her forehead..”well, I’m not talking about me.you know, the Koch brothers bad people like them.”

The average individuals, including physicians, just react to this stuff and don’t think. Bernie Sanders is having a great time telling everyone how much free stuff they would get if he is just elected.right.

Anyway, I think we need to concentrate on reality and we need to stop being angry “warriors”. Instead we need to become joyous warriors for a just cause and in the process, debate the other ideas, care about our opponents and educate them as well as the public of some basic realities..why profit is good, not immoral, how capitalism is a positive force for lifting people from poverty and promoting social mobility.

This applies to health care and all other economic decisions. We need to dispel the notion that health care economics are different.they aren’t. The sooner we all deal with the economics of health care honestly, the better.and that applies to both political parties and all Americans.

We can be a positive leadership force for change. To accomplish that we must have a positive uplifting message and approach. Otherwise we will just continue fighting, and may lose.

Just being a part of this discussion is an honor!

I wish you all a peaceful season with the ones you love. There is a lot of work ahead rest up!


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