We Must be the Paradigm Shift and Mount an Innovative Goliath Offense

Guest Post from Kris Held, MD

After spending the last 7 years treading water naively and optimistically waiting for things to be repealed and fixed and after countless trips to DC and across the country trying to cry from the wilderness of the practice of medicine from the trenches with many of you and our organizations, I am convinced this is beyond repair and will never be repealed by those in power.

The Philosophy of the architects of the current system we are floundering in is the antithesis of Hippocratic medicine and in fact works to undermine and dismantle it. Just take innovation- look at Ezekiel Emanuel’s own words on this- he believes innovation is too expensive and the taxes in Obamacare reflect this opinion. He also is an ethicist whose roots stem from his area of expertise which is dying with dignity and systems of rationing like the complete lives system.

After reading extensively the publications and backgrounds of the ObamaCare, MACRA, HITECH, CER crafters and the entire laws themselves I am convinced we will not escape from the web of death they have woven. We, on the other hand, value life and seek innovation, technology, and actual medical care that prolongs and improves it. There is no common ground in our end goals.

I have done everything within my power to work toward solutions including promoting a plan for reform with my dear esteemed colleague Dr. Jane Hughes on our AmericanDoctors4Truth.org website and spending thousands upon thousands out of our own pockets in defense of our patients and profession -as have most all of you on this list. To some we preach to the choir, but the choir is growing, and there are now the thousands of physicians who are recognizing what we know. The ship is sinking, there are no lifeboats. I now believe the current regime regards physicians as a problem to be dealt with, an enemy- because we seek life. They would rather practice medicine for us- life becomes but a crap shoot for our patients.

I have fundamentally transformed from Pollyanna to Paul Revere through this. I am convinced the only solution is to stop playing the deadly game. It is unwinnable and we are but pawns- enablers, if not the victims of abuse as described in my article “Abuse of Physicians: Battered Physician Syndrome”.

No one in this group is a victim. Through our shared love of our patients and profession we have connected. I was brought to inconsolable tears of profound enlightenment when I went to DC with a group of us to present a solution for a plan to take effect when King v Burwell ruled for the patients but was slapped with the reality of MACRA instead- you can read my writing in this regard on my blog. Our efforts are futile if we continue to accept a stay of execution as a good thing. What’s coming is coming and all we have achieved thus far is a tube of KY and a few more months before we grab our ankles and betray our patients.

So- I did it- and so must we all. Opt out of all 3rd party and work only with and for our patients. It is not easy, But it works !!!!!!! I am sooo happy in my practice now. I am working with like minded colleagues to create an “alternate universe” in which we can practice outside the chokehold of government. My fight now focuses on preserving our right to even do this.

We must be the paradigm shift and mount an ever vigilant defense and innovative Goliath offense. We must focus our efforts here. One thing we must do is fight against the insurer offering only restricted HMO plans that have 0 out of network coverage. We must fight against the usurious drug prices which make it impossible for patients to get what they need. And so much more. So like many of you I do not do MU EHR or even ICD 10- because I work solely for my patients. They thank me, they pray all physicians will follow suit, and ask me to refer them to other physicians and specialists who have gone direct care as well.

This is the only way we will makes change.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God bless you all!
Kris Held

5 thoughts on “We Must be the Paradigm Shift and Mount an Innovative Goliath Offense

  1. This needed said in exactly the words you have used to articulate it. Thank you, Kris. A parallel system is what is needed; one that is so attractive that the current one will die of neglect. I’m not sure I’ll see it in my life time, but let’s start planting some more seeds.

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