Government, AMA, and AOA are all on one side, not the patients’ side, but the control side

Guest Post from Gina Reghetti, DO

So sad that government is in medicine at all!

The AOA & Government will end up pushing all doctors right out of their jobs. The problem isn’t drugs and doctors that are “over prescribing,” it’s their agendas that are aimed at taking our prescription writing ability away and putting it into the hands of the pharmaceutical companies, as planned.

The government & AOA are going right along with their created agendas that are to allow pharmaceutical companies to be the primary care centers all over the world.

That’s why they are located at every corner lot in the USA, and are allowed always to use eminent domain to obtain their prime real estate locations.

One can see the enormous powers the state pharmaceutical board has been granted over doctors, with their regulations and monitoring of doctors’ controlled substance prescribing. It’s going to get worse when they are permitted to regulate the doctors and take total control of medicine.

The drug addiction problem was created by the USA for no other reason than to push their destructive agenda to rid doctors from their noble profession, and to dumb-down the youth so they don’t see their loss of liberties being removed; therefore, they won’t defend against such extreme take over of our country. The government doesn’t want a society of Leaders, they want, molded, dependent individuals. They mandate that the USA becomes a totally dependent society that listens, and does not question higher authority. It’s obvious of the youths’ brainwashing tactics that are in place in public schools via use of the common-core. Nothing more than an indoctrination of our people to over throw the American way of life and introduce us all to the New World Order.

The Government, and the AOA, are not with the doctors, and never will be. They are our primary enemies and are the reason for the national down fall of our profession. The blame has been fabricated to look as if the doctors are the fault of everything. God knows if we don’t get a strong conservative to turn the country around then USA will continue down the socialistic path to loss of all freedoms; we will become an empire under global control.

As far as putting Narcan in the hands of “providers” that aren’t trained medically is ridiculous. I see already the great problem this introduction has created locally by allowing the police to give narcan and people to access it readily. It gives those that are addicted the false hope that they can use and shoot up heroin without having to worry that they will over dose and die. Now, more young individuals are trying heroin that normally would not have because they believe that they now have a safety net. The heroin use continues and now has increased due to that. They believe, hey, why not try it because I’ll be saved if I should OD.

Plan on getting out of medicine because there soon will be no future. Doctors will very soon find it extremely hard to maintain their medical licenses, not only due to the enormously high increased fees, but due to Governmental, Insurance, and Pharmaceutical standards to comply nationally with the non-scientific, and substandard guidelines that conflict 100% with the doctors’ medical training and way of medical practice for patients’-physicians’ well being. Doctors, now are determined to be competent only if we follow Common-Core regulations that are to dumb-down the doctors’ skills and indoctrinate them all with standards of “Providers” so that those in Medicine are rated nationally as one.

Doctors are now rated nationally based on “Providers’ Standards,” which we all know are non-physicians and non-surgeons. One common ground: Not to save peoples’ lives but to allow them to die without intervention. Those that do not comply with the new guidelines will not be granted the issuance of renewal of their licenses. It’s that simple to destroy an entire noble profession, and it is happening currently.

Soon, doctors will be replaced with providers and mechanical robots that deliver “healthcare” to the public via socialists’ programmed computers located at every pharmacy, grocery store, airline, work place, and home in the world.

Hospitals around the world will also soon diminish until there is only one centralized hospital under global control. All interactions will be monitored and totally controlled. Access to life-saving medications and procedures will be based on algorithmic formulas controlled via computers that only a few will ever be giving the access formulas. Ones’ healthcare will totally depend on those higher up on the global food chain, and where one stands in comparison to them. A select few will have total control over one’s life, that’s the new world order mission to control and conquer.

The state medical boards already have the authority to grant medical licenses renewal to those that they “feel” should have them. So, in other words, those that stand up against their bad ways will be seen as unfavorable to the system and will be denied their practice rights. Therefore, it’s no guarantee that our earned medical degrees will mean that doctors will be able to practice medicine without states’ and government’s intrusion.

Government, AMA, and AOA are all on one side, not the patient side, but the control side, and they are all pushing the one world government agenda that was recently updated and approved in September of 2015, it’s the 2030 agenda, which is Agenda 21 on steroids!

The Agenda for the general population is worse yet.

Gina Reghetti, D.O.
Daughter of a late WWII Army Veteran who fought for Freedoms not Socialism.

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