OCC isn’t worth a second of my time

Guest Post from Gina Reghetti, DO

Osteopathic Continuing Certification, (OCC) isn’t worth a second of my time to even begin to explain how I feel about it.

Everyone knows it is total non-sense mandated upon the Osteopathic Doctors for no other reason then to line the pockets of all of those who push the unproven, non-scientific, not about patient-doctor medical care, socialistic agenda!

I am totally insulted that the American Osteopathic Association, (AOA) would support something so against the Osteopaths’ way of medical practice, and treat grown doctors as if we are all incompetent to know what we should learn.

The AOA is totally on the wrong track! I believe that it has been hijacked by non-American agendas.

I will never stand with any organization that has intentions to harm the Osteopathic Profession.

Rather than the AOA taking a stance to promote its doctors, and stand with them, the AOA joins forces with probably a “non-American” company that profits from their non-scientific “testing standards” which collects Palmar Venous Scans and Mug Shots of the doctors for agendas that only God knows what it’s all about.

Mandatory scans I must emphasize! They are not optional. If the doctors don’t accept the rules of their evil intentions, then the doctors don’t get certified. That doesn’t seem legal to me, and I believe it is unconstitutional to collect data from one’s body and enter it into some computer that might not have proper security in place, and may even be sent out of this country to profile the doctors. Doctors do not know where their information is ending up, or what it is really being used for.

All of this non-sense is forced upon us via the AOA, in order to complete the AOA’s guidelines for certification. The AOA is supposed to be the National Medical Organization for Osteopathic Doctors and Surgeons, but it doesn’t seem to have the best interest of doctors as their priority.

Where’s all that information that is being collected on us going? The doctors must pay for the test, yet the company doing the test collects the money, and the data; they are doing research on the doctors at our expense, and the AOA supports that. Something isn’t right at all.

It’s really not about testing standards at all; it’s about control that is leading the doctors in a seriously, wrong direction.

Doctors proved themselves when they graduated from medical schools with their Doctor of Osteopathy degree, when they earned their residency education which resulted in diplomas, when they earned their state medical licenses, and earned their diplomatic status as self taught, life-long learners after they passed their intended once in a life-time board certification in their chosen specialties.

All of these added up tests that doctors have taken prove beyond doubt, that doctors are extremely intelligent, and are very competent, to care for the lives of patients; otherwise, doctors would not have been able to do just such.

Now, the agendas are out not to test the doctors, but to document failure to comply with the new standards that are not the standards that the doctors were taught, but the standards that the Government, Insurance, and other third interested parties are pushing upon the medical profession for reasons other than healthcare. They are forcing doctors down a road to compare us all on a national so-called standard that is not based on medicine, but based on political, non-medical standards that are not in the best interest of the general public’s health, and safety.

Once the Enforcers can create a paper trail against doctors, they then are in power to deny and stop entirely the doctors’ livelihoods if the doctors don’t do exactly as they are told, even if the orders are not in the best interest of the general public.

Everything that the AOA is doing currently, proves to me more, and more, that the days of doctors’ individual freedoms to do as trained to do for each, and every individual patient, are over. When healthcare is sacrificed, lives will soon be lost, and many will suffer beyond description that can be written in words.

The doctors’ knowledge is not due to the AOA’s standards printed on a paper certificate that cost us thousands of dollars! The doctors’ knowledge is individualized, and unique to the way the doctors practice, and it is unique to the patient population that the doctors care for.

The AOA’s agendas have reduced doctors’ knowledge into a one-size fits all agenda so that they can begin to equate providers with physicians. One size doesn’t fit in medicine.

The Government mandated that the hospitals remove our Latin based prescription writing, and our professional medical terminology language, that we spent our life learning and reduced it all down to a language that technicians, extenders, providers, prescribers, and laymen can read and interpret so that companies can rid highly educated individuals from their positions and replace them with uneducated individuals and pay them pennies on the dollar.

Yet, when the American people start to drop like flies the Enforcers will still put the blame on the doctors. The agenda is to rid doctors, and the AOA is going right along with the government’s agenda. Soon the American people will also be rid.

The AOA wants credit for our knowledge, as if they taught us something!

Doctors know what they need to learn, they know when they need to learn it, and they don’t need to commit enormous amounts of material into memory when they know how to find it, when they need to know it. After all, less than one tenth, of one percent, of the population becomes doctors, meaning very few people have the mental capacity capable of becoming doctors.

We are in an elite noble profession, and the Enforcers fear us, not respect us! That’s what this agenda is all about.

The AOA refuses to hear our voices The AOA isn’t working for the doctors! The doctors are now working to support the AOA and their agendas, and I refuse to continue down their destructive path. This is America, and I am an American!
I refuse to be treated in this manor.

That’s my stance, and believe me, it won’t change until the AOA does away with their discriminatory practice of re-certifications for some of their DOs, but not for others, until they do away with mandatory AOA memberships, and they do away with OCC agendas, and just allow us to practice Osteopathy!

If the AOA is so concerned about patients’ health and safety, then why don’t they just let the doctors and surgeons practice their noble profession, in the free market, without all the restrictions placed upon our trade?

The AOA has proven over, and over, again that they don’t listen to their doctors.

They don’t honestly reflect what the majority of doctors express when they voice their concerns.

The AOA only promotes the agendas of the AOA.

The AOA is no longer for the Osteopathic Profession! They are for a hidden agenda!


Gina Reghetti, D.O.
Made in the USA
Daughter of a late WWII Army Veteran who fought for Freedoms, not Socialism.

5 thoughts on “OCC isn’t worth a second of my time

  1. Amen. I’ve been saying this stuff for years. As for OCC—could they have made the process more confusing or opaque? It’s just another example of the amateurish, fumbling, bumbling osteopathic leadership populated by paranoid old fools strutting around in ill-fitting, cheap, polyester sports coats.

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