This Week! Let My Doctor Practice Summit

sasThe Summit at the Summit, Let My Doctor Practice, National Grand Rounds on the State of American Medicine, is in full swing!

Don’t miss out on this crucial event.  Even if you can’t make it in person you can attend online. See for details and a full schedule.

The event organizers explain:

“This week-long national physicians’ townhall gathering, physicians and other leaders will discuss solutions to our most pressing problems, collaborate live with other doctors from around the country, and then vote in support of the top ideas for actionable solutions. … We’ve been rolling over to government mandates and third party intrusions for too long. It’s time to take back our practices and restore our voice. Join us today to change the medical practice environment for good.”

Your voice is needed, so join in today:

IP4PI founder Craig M. Wax, D.O. will be moderating the sessions starting Thursday late afternoon and will discuss restoring health freedom, Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm Mountain Time:

Dr. Craig M. Wax presents Restoring #HealthFreedom: The Problem & Solutions. He will review the role of physician as responsible caretaker and the influence of government and third parties over the last century. This will include, but not limited to, the patient-physician relationship under siege, government legislation, employer sponsored heath insurance, health information technology HIT/EHR electronic health records, hospital health systems, personal privacy concerns and much more. Dr. Wax concludes with solution actions for you to take now to restore your #HealthFreedom.

(Disclaimer: Please be aware that this note was produced with a combination of voice recognition technology, steadfast typing and templates. It may contain grammatical and typographical errors, as well as pure inaccuracies. Dictated not read for expediency. Have a nice day!)

wax-radioDr. Wax was honored by the Society of Professional Journalists of Philadelphia with an SPJ award for his ability to make complicated matters simple to understand. Dr. Wax is frequently published in Medical Economics Journal and spent seven years on the editorial board. He began educating the public on the web and since he created it in 1999.

Dr. Wax is a an avid year round cyclist, swimmer and general fitness athlete and authority on human nutrition with a bachelors degree in Food Science Research.


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