As the federal central planning unravels, we need to be there

Guest blog from Dr. Richard Armstrong:


Excellent, and a powerful story which resonates with everyone who sees clearly where this has been heading for years.  Those who haven’t had the courage or resources to do what you have done successfully need to hear this and I would appreciate it very much if you would be willing to post your story to Sermo.  Josh, Doug and Lee Gross as well as others have been doing an excellent job nationwide teaching our colleagues how to approach these tough decisions and navigate them successfully.

As a group of concerned doctors we have to recognize the problems and approach them actively to solve them…one doctor at a time, one practice at a time.  The trend is growing.  Our centrally planned and tightly controlled federal systems and the private players who follow their lead are simply on the wrong path, we know that and our patients are feeling it as well.  However, if we expect to succeed as a profession and a group of doctors we need to shed the anger, get past the negative rhetoric and show America what can be done…the positive things.

The federal programs are in trouble, but we all know that they will fight desperately to convince America that they are right.  The math and the demographics tell another story and no matter what is done in DC to attempt to prop up unworkable models, they will continue to unravel.   During the unraveling we need to identify the barriers which hold doctors back and stand in the way of success like yours, then work actively to remove them.  We did this with the insurance code in Michigan and Lee Gross, working with the NFIB in Florida came very close this legislative session until the Florida Medicaid debacle torpedoed the effort.  The work will proceed, and that is the point…this is going to be a tough slog, but we all know that we are correct and the slog is worth all of the effort.

As the federal central planning unravels, we need to be there, like you and so many others, with positive results…demonstrating to the nation that we are leading, not just talking about it.

Thank you for this excellent story.  You are an inspiration.


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