I’m a DO, and it is a beautiful thing. We must keep our identity.

Dr. Gina Reghetti shares her thoughts on preserving the practice of osteopathic medicine and formation of an alternative D.O. board:

We must fight the system that wants to change a good thing. Osteopathy needs to stay unchanged, and it needs to be practiced as it was practiced in the past, without insurance involvement because it is the big corporate insurance companies that just couldn’t understand our language so they have attempted to destroy it. Harvard has dealt us serious blows because it’s the allopathic profession that is clueless to the medical practice of Osteopathy, yet they are the ones in positions to judge, and define reimbursement for an area of medicine that they just don’t know. We are not allopathic physicians, and we never will be, and never care to be so we need to stop holding DOs to the same standards as the MDs were trained. We are not trained the same that is why we don’t take the same boards; we are very different!

We must keep our identity especially when big government and national medical organizations are forcing us down one pathway.

I’m not going! I’m going to cut our own path; there’s no other way to preserve our profession.

The DO Board should not have the exact criteria as the MD boards; we are not the same. When agendas try to force us, or should I say, mold us to fit into their forms, they change who we are, they change what we do, and how we practice, that’s the true Art. It must be left in the hands of the trained DOs to each pass that gift of individuality on for their patients to get to experience what Osteopathic Healing and Medicine is really all about, and meant to be.

We must never allow anyone to attempt to make us feel inferior or not qualified to fill a position.

We are who we are, we’re DOs and I’m sick and tired of so many over the long many decades, trying to make us change, to become what they are, as if they are better than we are. We have been fighting this battle from day one, discrimination, it’s no different today, only no one admits it is still happening.

When are we DOs just going to stop proving ourselves to everyone and just start doing what we were meant to do without all the governmental and third party interference?

I’m done proving myself to anyone. I know where I stand. I know who I am, and what I can do. I believe in myself, and I have become who I was meant to be. I’m a DO, and it is a beautiful thing.

The allopathic profession has always practiced segmented healthcare due to each of the doctors being highly specialized into one area of specialty. Where as, the osteopathic physician, from day one has always focused on total body; mind, body, and spirit healthcare, not segmented care, but total healthcare. The osteopathic physicians were trained to be OB-GYNs, Pediatricians, emergency doctors, cardiologists, psychiatrists, etc…DOs did it all.

Then Enforcers, once again forced DOs to the standards of MDs, and pushed us to start segmenting our practice, forced us into training areas that required additional years, and of course, more money for specialized training. We paid more money for less! We paid the Enforcers to take our freedoms, and rights away!

As that agenda grew stronger, more DOs were forced to give up more and more practice rights, the more they became educated.

We all paid for our education and earned the right to practice medicine by completing medical school, and passing our boards.

In return, as the Enforcers pushed us all through more specialized training, they took our rights and freedoms away. Here we were all more trained educationally speaking, but now with tied hands and only allowed to do less, not more. This model forced us to be like the allopathic profession, segmented care, not total body care, as intended by the study of Osteopathy.

It created, and forced into medicine sub-specialties to imply that doctors were no longer capable to care for the entire human body; the patient. How insulting is that?

To make it even more insulting to the doctors, the Enforcers gave practice rights to non-physician providers who have no medical school education or medical degree, yet have full practice rights on patients! What on earth is wrong with this picture? Everything! It just isn’t right at all. It is a complete injustice not only to all doctors but to all patients! It cannot be allowed to continue. It must be stopped! The only way to do this is to rid the state medical board’s power to give who they feel fit a license to practice medicine. What the medical boards are doing is criminal! It is injustice at its finest. This should never be happening in the U.S.A.

These same Enforcers, have the nerve to mandate agendas on doctors that are to make doctors prove that they are competent to practice medicine based on the Enforcers’ standards. Something is so very seriously wrong here and it must be stopped in its tracks immediately also.

When all of the doctors were doing their jobs very well, caring for patients, the Enforcers ambushed us all.

Now, we all know who our enemies clearly are, there’s no doubt.

It is our own medical professional organizations that mandate our dues or else they will all have our certifications removed! Remember, it is through all of this extra training that it ended up restricting our practice ways so removal of all the non-sense paper certifications should restore freedoms and practice rights, not knock us to our knees as the Enforcers are conditioning us all to believe will happen.

The Enforcers only have power over us all if we give them power. The only way to successfully survive without their certifications is to break entirely away from any third party payers. This can only be done if ones’ medical services are affordable to the population that they serve. The people will come. They want doctors and they deserve privacy, not Enforcers’ intruding into the patient-doctor relationship.

The sub-specialty training restricts the practice of medicine. Osteopathy medicine was intended to educate primary care physicians that were to be first line contacts for patients. Doctors that are trained to do it all.

So no more can a DO do everything, or be that one stop, complete doctor that could do their job, and help their patients.

So the mess we are in is because of educational training that has drove us all into a dead end road. It goes nowhere. It’s the end of our profession! So the agendas that we are all facing now with OCC (osteopathic continuing certification) will only take more of our practice rights away and money, and limit what we can and cannot do based on the Enforcers’ newly developed Standard of Care per their standards, not doctors’ Golden Standards.
The Enforcers are re-writing medicine into a language that no doctor understands or cares to understand because it is imposing injustice upon us all.

We can all reflect back and see the truth behind it all. We have all been suckered into believing that a piece of board certification paper proves we are something, but in reality it proves we are all fools that we were all taken by a big corporate agenda to over-throw medicine and take it from the doctors.

Doctors are the ones that are at the top in medicine, no one else. We deal with peoples’ lives so we must have the freedoms to act and do as needed to save lives. We cannot have the constant pressures of restrictions and newly developed standards that are considered sub-standards to doctors.

Now, the Enforcers, have positioned themselves on top to ambush the profession. It’s been happening for years. If we don’t reverse this situation immediately there won’t be any future for doctors in medicine.

We must not all be fooled once again that to be a valued board member that we must all have these academic standards, that’s what got the Osteopathic Profession in the mess that it is in currently. It’s all because we feel as though we still need to prove ourselves to others when in reality we simply do not have to. We are perfect as we are.

We must leave perfect alone! 👍

Gina Reghetti, D.O.

25 thoughts on “I’m a DO, and it is a beautiful thing. We must keep our identity.

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