“Information Blocking” Finally Revealed for the Hoax it is; Make Believe Story With Medical Records Sharing and Interoperating…

Guest post from Barbara Duck – http://ducknetweb.blogspot.com/

I said from the start that this was an absolute made up story and nice to see Dr. Halamka at Harvard Medical address this.  I have seen tons of articles written about this nonsense and now it’s all the way up to the FTC and members of Congress thinking this is real!  It just goes to show you the power of News Rigging for political gain.

>First off, what medical record company has the time or resources to do this?  Second what interest would they have?  It’s not going to create more business or revenue dollars, so again this has been from day one a political hoax and look how many from what they readimage in various news articles were sucked in.

I look at it as selling a political perception only for someone to gain some favors and/or marketing gain here.  Way back in the early days when I still wrote code, I created a medical records program that I sold for a short time and thus I relate to my background in what I was creating as a tool for the doctors as it’s “their” tool not mine as I always said.  Why as a developer would I even “think” of writing code to create some sort of “Information Blocking” code module?  There’s absolutely no reason on earth, so again this and this entire concept and made up “concern” has been nothing but a fluke.

The only thing close I can get out of this hoax that’s been going through the media for a year or so now is that some EMRs are not playing with someone else’s software so cleverly someone decided to make some EMR companies “the bad boys”.  Well who are they?  Nobody ever has a name do they?  It’s just this chatter and fear and the soaking of those who don’t understand data mechanics and code and look how well it stuck as a “fear factor”.  It is and was total bunk.

Here’s a couple clips from Dr. Halamka’s post below and the 3rd paragraph is where he addresses his feelings too, as apparently he’s never seen or encountered any of this either and he’s all over the place, way beyond what I do and then some.  This what is so bad out there today and recently I wrote about “News Rigging” (link above) from several focuses, the stock market, the use of journobots and knock off news articles and the upcoming paying 20 cents to read a news article if that happens as it has been noted in the news.  Who knows, maybe that’s fake too (grin).

Major US Newspapers Sign Up and Invest With New Start Up That Will Charge You To Read The News–20 Cents Per Article, Probably Written by a Bot and Goes On You Credit Card–And Bolsters the $180 Million Dollar Year Personal Data Selling Business

Watch this video below (lots of pharma fake grass roots topics covered here too) and you’ll get it with this reporter from CBS news..…we had Astro Turfing of the “EMR Information Blocking” fabricated stories to generate more fear factorsand hopefully the FTC and Congress will see what’s been on their plate, a perception of some who don’t write code, don’t understand scripting, mathematical models, and not a true reflection the real world.  All have been “astro turfed” to the max.

The big issue here is the fact that people can’t tell the difference between virtual and real world values anymore and thus people get sucked in if you don’t entertain being a little bit of a skeptic when things don’t sound right.  I try with writing this blog to point out the dupers when I can and the links below are also about the same subject material.  We do have folks that are confused and can’t tell the difference between a virtual and real world value and we all get fooled sometime.

Below the line are the clips from Dr. Halamka’s blog and there’s a link at the bottom to read his entire blog post.  When you have an expert such as himself who’s both a physician and computer scientist calling it out, time listen up to where the credibility lies.  BD

“It does not make sense to officially sanction a “charter organization” and seed it with $10 million, creating yet another player in an already crowded field of groups working on interoperability.  I agree that coordinating the standards development organizations makes a lot of sense — why not just direct ONC to create a permanent Task Force that reports to the HIT Standards Committee, and let ONC support it out of existing resources?
The drafts have other significant issues 

“standards to measure interoperability” –  I have no idea what that means.  I suggest that ONC create and report outcome measures that require interoperability rather than trying to measure the process of interoperability.  With Meaningful Use Stage 2 we experienced the failure of process measures to truly measure interoperability – transitions of care sent from and to the same organizations, transitions of care sent to an outside organization then thrown away.

information blocking” – I believe this concept is like the Loch Ness Monster, often described but rarely seen.   As written, the information blocking language will result in some vendors lobbying in new political forums (Federal Trade Commission and Inspector General) to investigate every instance where they are getting beaten in the market by other vendors.  The criteria are not objective and will be unenforceable except in the most egregious cases, which none of us have ever experienced.

“De-certification” makes no sense.  Every provider would have to be granted a hardship exemption, so what is the point of the decertification?”


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