They Fell for the Fix: Short Term Doc Fix a Trade-Off For Patient-Physician Autonomy


The march toward socialized medicine progressed from a marathon to a sprint when the House of Representatives passed H.R.2, the fatefully named “Doc Fix” bill, with overwhelming bipartisan support, and the Senate approved it 92-8. The 8 Senators who did not vote for this bill deserve credit. Two, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, are running for President and deserve our support.

As groups professing to represent doctors, like the AMA (led by CEO Dr. James Madara who is a close pal and Chicago hospital board crony of Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett) and Doctors For America (formerly known as Doctors For Obama), “high-five,” I remain stunned that physician Congressmen and those who were elected on their pledge to repeal Obamacare supported this bill. Politicians sold out to specialty hospitals, IT, and other special interests.

That many of my colleagues naively embraced such transformative legislation without reading it and that…

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