Stupid and Stupider: The SGR “Doc Fix”- Starring The House and The Doctors


Infamous MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, PhD worked intimately with fellow Obamacare architects to intentionally make the law tortuously difficult to understand in order to get it passed at any cost. In Gruber’s own words, the law was designed to take advantage of the “stupidity of the American people.”

Translation: they deliberately deceived us, and we were easily duped.

We fell for the tricks and lies like Eve for the Forbidden Fruit. Now, we live outside the garden of legislative honesty and integrity under the harsh new reality of the paradoxically named Affordable Care Act. Reality proves the promises were false. You can’t keep your health plan, you can’t keep your doctor, your premiums and deductibles are skyrocketing, as are your denials and restrictions, and it costs incalculably more than “not one dime” in new taxes. Will we ever learn?

We, those of us in working the medical trenches, know first…

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One thought on “Stupid and Stupider: The SGR “Doc Fix”- Starring The House and The Doctors

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