How Practicing Physicians Would Restore Affordability, Promote Patient Choice, and Retain Quality in Health Care

CLICK HERE for PDF version of plan.

Prepared by the National Physician Coalition for Freedom in Medicine- March 25 & 26, 2015

IMG_4346Practicing physicians want patients to be able to access the highest quality care at the best value.  

  • Empower the patient to preserve the patient-physician relationship, allowing patients to choose their physicians and treatments.
  • Empower the patient to choose to pay directly for medical services without insurance penalties.
  • Encourage individual patient responsibility to reduce overall costs.
  • Empower patients by making competitively priced insurance available for all to purchase as protection against catastrophic loss.
  • Charity should be local and left to the communities and the people. 

To eliminate barriers to compassionate care, we, the practicing physicians of the United States, respectfully submit to Congress the following sound concepts and principles that we are certain will achieve the aforementioned ends;

Allow Every American to Establish Pre-Tax Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) 

  • Equalize tax treatment of medical expenditures by expanding pre-tax HSA’s into which employer or other premium assistance or personal contributions go, empowering individuals to purchase the medical goods and services of their choice.
  • Families and individuals should likewise be allowed to establish tax-free HSAs to purchase medical care and health insurance with the coverage and deductible that meet their needs and budget.
  • Allow tax deductions for health care spending which may exceed HSA contributions.

Encourage the Establishment of Open Health Insurance Purchasing Options 

  • Eliminate mandates on policy content and geographic constraints, facilitating national competition.
  • Allow citizens to participate in any type of insurance buying group.
  • Address access for patients with preexisting conditions by opening municipal employee policies to all residents. The resident or premium assistance program would pay premiums.
  • Transition Medicare into a sustainable system. Allow seniors to continue private coverage beyond 66 with premium support as appropriate without penalty.
  • Allow patients to submit claims and directly pay providers.

Restore Individual Sovereignty Over Insurance Purchases. 

  • Acknowledge states’ authority for ensuring insurance companies engage in fair practices.
  • Block-grant Medicaid funds to the states without conditions. States would innovate on ways to care for those who cannot pay.
  • States need to work on tort reform.

End Federal Government Interference with the Practice of Medicine

  • End federally mandated electronic records, with “meaningful use” requirements.
  • Continue to postpone (indefinitely) mandated implementation of ICD-10 and end PQRS.
  • Do not implement nationalized licensing or maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements.

Contact:  Alieta Eck, MD, New Jersey,

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