ACA: rewarding big corporates, punishing American doctors and patients

Guest post from Dr. Gina Reghetti:

I believe that our so-called medical peers which force that doctors re-certify will soon be failing us all due to the doctors’ refusal to practice medicine under the new ACA standards that aren’t about quality care for patients but more so about rationed care.

The boards will test us on ACA’s & Insurance Corporates’ standards which have nothing to do with medicine, only their profitable agendas. If we fail to adopt and go along with their ways then they will just not pass anyone. The control now lies all in the hands of the Enforcers.

One-time certification is more than enough. I remember when I was in my Osteopathic Family Practice residency, I had options. I decided to take my boards, but I wasn’t required to. It was optional. I don’t favor anything that mandates people to do anything. It indicates that we are bound, and do not have freedoms. Sad to see this great country fall so badly due to our pathetic elected leaders. We must rid them before we can ever take back medicine. The higher governmental agendas are the ones that wish to remove doctors from medicine, all the others are just carrying out governmental orders.

Doctors don’t nearly push the pharmaceutical sales as they did prior, because many see that their medications contribute to continued chronic illnesses, so the government needs individuals that will push their agendas. These individuals are now called Providers, and they are directly employed by big pharmaceutical corporations which leaves them with no options but to obey all commands of the big Corporates. That is why we now have healthcare in pharmacies and soon, grocery stores. Corporates have the upper hand. The ACA’s agendas reward big Corporates and punish the American Doctors that were trained to care for the American people; clearly violations of restriction of trade. It has never been about the doctors. It’s all about taking them down, not picking them up. The ACA agendas are totally against the doctors.

Under the ACA, people that defaulted on their school loans can now pay $5.00 per month back, for nine months, and ACA mandates will pull them out of their defaults, and wipe away the remainder of their debts. Then these same individuals are encouraged to enroll in Obama’s free educational programs at tax payers’ expense.

That default forgiveness status is only applicable if one is not a doctor. The government selects who they will allow to qualify for any of their mandates under the ACA. The ACA has great bias. The ACA is really broken because it turns its back on the doctors, the individuals who are totally responsible for caring for the American populations’ health. Doctors are the Gold Standard in Medicine, and they are there to practice their profession as trained to oversee the health and safety of the American people. ACA was mandated upon the American people as healthcare, but it is everything but healthcare; it is an entire governmentally controlled, systematic transformation, against the American-ways.

The government won’t forgive any of the doctors’ expensive medical school loan debts. They just post doctors’ names on government web sites to further harm them, and run them deeper into the ground.

It’s sad that medicine has gotten to this point, out of the hands of the doctors, and 100% in the hands of the Controllers. Worse yet, is the fact that the laws of our land are not being shoved down the Controllers’ throats to wake them up, and make them cease all of their violations. One can see how fast laws are used against doctors to get highly rewarded financial payoffs from medical malpractice suits. Too many attorneys are not on board with saving medicine, and they only wish to gravitate towards high financial reward. None of them are willing to make a true name for themselves by rocking the boat, and pushing it over, to make it right for all.

The only thing that will stop the out-of-control agendas against the doctors is a financial-hard-hit to the Controllers via a huge law suit. Everyday that they get away with their non-sense agendas that have doctors so over-regulated, that’s everyday they seek more strength, and control, to conquer and destroy the patient-doctor relationship, and remove entirely from medicine, the Gold Standard: Doctors.

Doctors are over-thrown. They have no control of how they wish to practice medicine so that it is in the best interest of patients’ needs. We are being tracked, and soon every patient encounter will be mandated to be video taped so Controllers can determine if we are competent, and if we are following the mandated agendas that aren’t about health. Our voices are almost silenced. Once they remove doctors from medicine, they win, and people will never know the difference. People won’t have anything to compare their grocery store medical check-up visits to so they will be happy with what they didn’t get. Truly, the ACA’s “dumbing-down” master plan.

I really blame the AOA, American Osteopathic Association, and the AMA, American Medical Association, for much because they were not out there protecting doctors’ rights, they were all using our mandated yearly membership fees to work against doctors, and to push doctors through agendas that do not have anything to do with the practice of medicine; Agendas that were only intended to line their pockets.

No one spoke up when bill boards were erected along side the highways which advertised “5-minute” Emergency-Room Wait at our hospital to bring in patients to the Corporates’ hospitals. I can say, I certainly would never attend any place that claims they could see anyone in five-minutes. No doctors could ever process, examine, and address patients’ needs in five minutes, so now they have Providers who will. The ACA’s Corporate-driven medical care centers.

Take a look at the American Judicial System. Judges, have peoples’ trials on their dockets for years, and years. No one is regulating them to ensure that peoples’ rights are not violated and that judges, magistrates, and attorneys are truly following the laws as written. Trials are not processed in five minutes, yet in medicine, which deals with peoples’ lives, that is what the ACA’s agendas are pushing upon the doctors so that more and more judicial intervention via medial malpractice law suits are forced upon the doctors until all are broken and doctors cease to exist in Medicine.

I worked the Emergency Departments, not anymore, because I refuse to get caught by the Controllers’ whip to be faster, do less, document more, and smile so that the people know you care! The Corporates are cheating the systems daily and they are being rewarded for their lack of work and sabotage of healthcare.

I am certain that we all have horror stories of the abused systems but mine just never end, they just keep coming. We just are not getting results fast enough to save our profession. Too many doctors have sunk!

I did not start pre-medicine to finish medical school so that everything that I was trained to do and taught is no longer applicable. That in itself is grounds for a law suit! Restriction of Trade! My medical degree doesn’t expire, and my certifications should not either! Why are they getting away with singling out doctors? Attorneys have no where near the standards and they continue to violate peoples’ rights daily and get away with it. This unlawful movement is targeted against doctors and only against doctors. The doctors are selectively being targeted and violated. All of these unlawful regulations are being mandated on the doctors which are only in place for the intention of the medical-transformation, which is pushed, and controlled by ACA, the Insurance & Pharmaceutical Corporates, to “give all patients access to healthcare” via use of Providers. Providers are in front-line positions to control the gates as to determine who, and when someone gets care. Look at WC, Workers’ Compensation System, the Gate Controllers are not doctors, who would allow all that need care through, but rather they are Providers, who have no problems with slamming the gates closed for many who attempt to get through. The Controllers reward bad behavior and eliminate good behavior. The Controllers control the Providers but the Doctors have united and refuse to allow them to control the Doctors. The fight is on, and the American Peoples’ life is on the line. Doctors hold their stance that they refuse to be told on how to practice their profession of Medicine in which they are highly trained by any inferior Corporate Controllers, including the mandated United States of America’s unaffordable care act, also known as ACA, Obamacare. It must be repealed 100% to not only save our healthcare, but to also save our great country from the socialists’ over-throw.

We all have a powerful class-action suit, violation of U.S. Constitutional Rights!

Gina Reghetti, D.O.

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