We need to Index and License All Data Sellers; it’s Out of Hand…

Guest-Poster Barbara Duck @MedicalQuack Writes:

Issa is our California “nit picking pain” and the richest member of Congress that owns a technology company.  He brings some good questions around but he also stumbles a lot too with his lack of technology knowledge at times.  Again with owning a big car alarm company I’m surprised as some of the crazy stuff he does at times, like tweeting the Constitution at times, as he lost followers a rapid because Twitter is not where you do that.  People got mad, I tweeted and asked him to stop too☺

But back on topic, here once again is my 3 year old campaign on why we need to index all data sellers and that would be a license and requires a law created by Congress.  This is really a big deal as you know I’m a flawed data marked person now that can’t has no clue on who sold the flawed data that says I take blood thinners.  I’m a tech and data base person and web savvy and if I can’t find where to go, it’s because this data has been repackaged and resold gosh knows how many times.

I saw the write up here on this several times and saw some of the actual java script that a Microsoft tech published as a result of reading the original AP report.  We’re all back to the code issues again that rule everything.  Link below to the Privacy/Transparency campaign.  Please donate if you can.


Please help me out with this as everyone who buys data or sells data would have a reference as to the origin, so when there are flaws consumers have somewhere to go to correct this as we get “scored” on “flawed data” and will be denied access.  Who knows where that flawed data on me taking blood thinners appear again.  It will and it was sloppy data work that put me on that list.  How did that happen?  I have written a few articles on blood thinners and they used tags and keywords and when those associations all shuffle out, well guess what Barbara takes blood thinners.

Again I know this was flat out sloppy data work and they don’t care as flawed data sells at the same price as good data.  So I’m stuck as a consumer not knowing where it originated, who did the sloppy data work, but I can’t do a think about it as I have no index to reference at all.  Again this is why it is important that all data sellers be indexed and licensed.  You don’t buy stock, a house, etc. from someone without a license do you?  You don’t do business with a bank without a license do you?  You can’t fish without a license or can you or get married.

I have three years into this writing to the FTC and a few members of Congress as I saw it immediately 3 years ago as I have done work normalizing and combining data bases.  I have reformatted data bases so a doctor could move the records from one EMR to another, so believe on this, we need it.  This is very important so I appreciate any little bits anyone can kick in.  Talk to the folks that know and have first hand data experience and you can’t lose, well most of time that is if they are honestJ

Also if you ever go over to the Killer Algorithms page, watch video #2 the Quant documentary and you’ll learn a lot as remember Quants are now designing policies for health insurers to squeeze those profits out.  Once you see what the financial quants do, you’ll relate to what the insurers are doing with their armies of quants.  Who are the data sellers…we don’t know but we need to and it is essential to license them so we have a reference and can fix flawed data that they toss out there about us.

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