@KevinMD, you are missing the big picture

Dr. Daniel Craviotto – author of WSJ article “A Doctor’s Declaration of Independence” – responds to Dr. Kevin Pho’s article on Kevin MD “MOC is medicine’s self-inflicted wound

Kevin, you are missing the big picture. There are many issues that confront physicians and American health care. But why all the angst now? What has pushed us over the edge? Why now? There is a common denominator here. Those of us who are clinicians and in the active practice of medicine feel that we are being told by those outside of medicine how to practice medicine, how to use an EMR, what is meaningful in an EMR and how to be certified. For those outside of medicine – how dare you. Do you really understand the path we have walked? Do you know what it is like to look a patient in the face and tell them they have cancer. Have you cried with a patient? Have you been sued? Have you lied awake at night wondering did you do everything and the right thing for your patient? For those doctors who are no longer practicing clinicians and who work for a health care entity or insurance company or health care policy think tank could it be you are so far removed from the clinical practice of medicine you are out of touch? For those of us in the trenches we feel the impact and weight of these changes every day. Sure some things need to change. But it feels so wrong that non medical bureaucrats are mandating these changes. Perhaps the Maintenance of Certification issue will be the defining issue that galvanizes and mobilizes physicians to finally act in concert together. If so, that is a good thing. A very good thing. Harken back to medical school. 1st year. 1st semester. 1st day. Anatomy lab. 4 medical students around a cadaver. Remember the spirit of cooperativeness, support and team work. We all helped one another. Common cause. Same goal. Lived and died together. That is what we need now. Let’s not be divisive. Let’s be united and realize that all these issues are important. And if it starts with the Maintenance of Certification issue then let’s embrace that and resolve to do our best and then move on to the next challenge.

Daniel Craviotto, MD

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