Data Selling is Really Making Me Mad

Barbara Duck @MedicalQuack writes to IP4PI:

I got a call the other day and the data selling is really making me mad. It was an offshore call center as you could tell by the accent of the caller. She addressed me by name and said they were interested in letting me know about a new clinical trial for blood thinners since she said she had noticed that I had a history of using blood thinners. I asked, where did that information come from? Uh…well…it was in the files…wouldn’t dish it out. Anyway I continued on then to at least get my 2 cents in with the fact that I have never been prescribed blood thinners at all.

See this is what I hate and where else is that information floating around? This is the danger of all this data selling. The data is sloppy, they don’t care a flawed data gets the same price as good data. If they got me there’s more out there. I can understand “asking” if I had ever taken blood thinners on a solicitation call but this one came right out and said she had it in her “files” that I have taken blood thinners though and had my name as well, so it was not a blind shot call.

Watch out too for the Fintech banking apps as all the major banks have set up labs in Silicon Valley now, I call it the California Code Rush. ☺Guess the code on the west coast must be better than the east coast.☺ But then there’s CVS covering all bases with getting code written to mine consumer data for sale.

I seem to be the only one screaming my head off on this. The uptick just in the last 2-3 months has been huge. Never seen anything like this at such a rapid pace.

Saw the MOC article too in NEJM too, that was good. I see where the Connecticut HIE is closing, another one out of money. Again this is where Zoeticx in time will move in as the records are shared on the fly and when the collaboration is done, all records go home to their domicile, in other words good for patients too as they know their records were shared but only for clinical values here and they were not duplicated somewhere else again. That is really the right way to do it, share what is needed on the fly for clinical decision making and when the collaboration is done, all the records stay at home.

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