O.L.D. Age 2015 (Obamacare Legislated Death)


Amidst midterm election upheaval and mayhem in Ferguson, a beautiful young woman took a lethal dose of pills prescribed by her doctor to end her life. Considering that The Affordable Care Act is President Obama’s signature legislation, this is one of the most significant stories of the Progressives’ reign of fundamental transformation. Brittany Maynard is the young, beautiful, fresh face of physician-assisted death. Physician-assisted death (PAD) is the revived, rebranded, unholy grail in the Progressives’ quest for philosophical transformation of American medicine and usurpation of the patient-physician relationship.

BrittanyFund.org is an initiative of www.CompassionandChoices.org , an advocacy group which proclaims, “A movement is underway to expand access, so that no American has to endure prolonged pain and suffering.” At the conclusion of her “original video,” Brittany Maynard states-“My goal, of course, is to influence this policy for positive change. And I would like to see all Americans have access to…

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