Obamacare “Torture Report”: Healthcare Reform Executioner Style


When the Democrats released their CIA “torture report”, they should have included a section on their signature legislation- the Obamacare “torture report.” As I write and you read, American patients across the country are writhing in pain, enduring prolonged infirmity, enduring needless pain and suffering, bedridden, immobilized, and worse waiting to receive the medical care they need, want, and deserve, because it is denied or has yet to be approved by their insurance company.

Obamacare, our national health care law, has transformed the role of the health insurance company from providing risk management and financial protection in the face of a catastrophic medical event to actually practicing medicine, making day to day and life and death medical decisions for us, the patients and physicians of America.

Under Obamacare, all Americans are forced by the Federal government to purchase “qualified healthcare plans” or face financial punishment from the government in the…

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