AOA Empire as a Regulatory Agency

Bob Maurer, D.O. writes:

To My Fellow Osteopathic Physicians: It is incredible how dysfunctional many of the AOA administrative departments have become. One of the biggest problem with the AOA is the empire that John Crosby built over the past ten years. It is an empire that the AOA directors do not recognize and do not know how to dismantle.

A prime example is the AOA administrative leader who told us that a lecture on the use of the new defibrillator was inappropriate for practicing osteopathic physicians.

The AOA has become a regulatory agency of its own, many times more dangerous than our own federal and state governments. It is overloaded with top level administrators, many of whom have the sole function of creating regulatory requirements that are detrimental to you and I and our fellow AOA members.

By their action at the AOA convention, the AOA President and the CCME Chairman both claim that the AOSRD educational program was de-certified on July 1st because we did not submit some questionable documents.

Yet they never notified anybody in my group of their decision. In fact, after July 1st, the AOA continued to solicit us for any changes to our program. They continued to advertise our program to all its members and they put our program in their OMED convention publication.

Then, FOUR months later, in Seattle, they blocked our sessions from continuing. They actually let us start our program before they came in during our first speaker’s presentation, with about 75 AOA attendees in the lecture room. This action was reprehensible and highly unprofessional. Yet, on appeal, the AOA action was supported fully by the AOA President and the CCME Chairman.

Where is their sense of decency ? Where is their common sense ? Where is their
mandate to support its members, instead of adding multiple roadblocks to an already
over-regulated profession, such as MOL, OCC, and MOC. When will our members wake up and speak out in an effort to protect and preserve our lifetime commitment to our beloved medical profession?

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