Feds plan for 35 Agencies to collect/share medical records-hold your sides when reading

Barbara Duck – @MedicalQuack – comments on the HHS Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015-2020

A novice wrote this it appears from HHS and where in the heck are they going to get the IT infrastructure time, money and personnel to do this? It’s a bit of a joke as we all know Heatlhcare.Gov is not even done yet, so there’s a point of reference for you as far as time and this is a pretty massive undertaking.

People not in the data area don’t know this and it gets sent around and people think it’s real and coming any day now. It’s a data novice at HHS or at the Center for American Progress; the think tank where Zeke Emanuel and Gruber work writing healthcare policy for HHS that must have come up with this. People who don’t know code have all kinds of dreams about data with no idea on the work and time and as I like to say, they think there’s some algorithm fairies floating around out there.

Like I said people outside of the tech business have no clue on timelines, capabilities, etc. and it grinds me to see items as such put out there and it should be debunked. Even though it was years ago that old EMR programming knowledge I have seems to be good for something.

This sounds pretty ambitious for an agency that runs the ONC that can’t get complex interop EMR policies for doctors and hospitals right yet, does it not? By the way, I’m going to write to the FTC as I would like to find out at what levels they may be participating since they were mentioned.

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