Transformational Grant Trojan Horse

Family physician sounds off on latest ACOFP “View from the Hill”

In response to practice transformation grants.

I have a different take on this. The government is buying off/ bribing/coercing physicians to transform their practices into something easier for the government to control.

What happened to physician leadership? Why do we wait for the government to tell us or allow us to practice? What about all the independent DPC practices?

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States, Hospitals Urge DC Circ. To Allow ACA Subsidies

Originally posted on Concierge Medicine Today:By Igor Kossov Law360, New York (November 04, 2014, 5:31 PM ET) – Eighteen state governments and the American Hospital Association on Tuesday asked the D.C. Circuit to rule that consumers shopping on federal Affordable Care Act exchanges should be allowed to reduce their premiums with tax credits, saying…

No Replacement For The Osteopathic Approach To A Healthy State Of Wellness

Medicine At Its Finest  By Gina Reghetti, D.O.

I will focus on the Osteopathic Medicine Primary Care approach to attempt to explain the dismantlement  of  medicine.  It is my professional opinion that the Corporate developers of the Health Industries’ Electronic Automated Technologies believe that they have developed technology smart enough to replace the role of doctors in general, and specifically, the role of the Osteopathic Physicians from their noble profession of medicine.  Specifically, the focus will be on the total dismantlement, and removal of the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons from healthcare entirely; for no other reason other than the Osteopathic Medicine Primary Care approach works.

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Reconnecting the patient-physician relationship

Primary care, like osteopathic family medicine with OMM, is an amazing and diverse specialty. It takes time to listen, see and palpate a patient to help treat disease and maintain optimal health. The government, insurance industry, malpractice attorneys and hospitals have made this ideal practice impossible and nearly extinct. More than half of a DOs and their staffs time is taken up with government compliance measures and insurance red tape. The primary answer is reconnecting the patient-physician relationship without third parties in a direct primary care DPC model.

Best wishes for good health,
Craig M. Wax, DO
Family physician, Editorial Board of Medical Economics
Host of Your Health Matters
Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM
Twitter @drcraigwax
Independent Physicians For Patient independence @IP4PI

Situation Normal: AOA toes government line leaves out opposition

Dr. Chip writes:

SO, AOA shows us the government line and entirely leaves out the opposition. Situation normal.

Without taking a side please look at the details of the other view which is in fact looking at the risk versus benefit issues that physicians have to look into, discuss intelligently and then resolve with patient input as to what they, the patients, are planning, from which to risk in order to take benefit.

This is the physician in the trenches issue that government, MOC, MOL, OCC, FSMB, ABIM and IOM continues to ignore.

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A Sad Day for the Future of Medicine

To All My Physician Friends:

For several years, I have sent out multiple emails and blogs expressing my many concerns about the flood of restrictive and counter-productive mandates that are being required of physicians. These mandates are coming from the State and Federal Boards of Medical Examiners, the State and Federal Legislators, the Hospitals, the HMO’s, and the Insurance Companies.

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Economists Say Third-Party Payment Key to Increases in Medical Cost | MediBlog

Notice the two graphs that I included below:

The first shows the gradual decline of patient-dollars (out-of-pocket expenses) as a percentage of total healthcare expenditures from 1960 – 2006. The second graph shows aggregate healthcare spending as a % of GDP starting to more rapidly increase from about 1968 (6%) to the absurdly high levels it is now (17%). 

My interpretation of these inverse related graphs is that as patient-consumers lose their ability to influence prices with their own dollars (falling % of out-of-pockets) it leads to an inflationary spiral of the kind we have witnessed over the past 40+ years.

Show me an area in healthcare where people spend their own money to purchase care (or most of it) and I’ll show you a market where prices are stable or falling and care is affordable.


“Government payers have an even worse cost-containment record than privately provided medical care.” Since…

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Kasich: Only ‘Political Or Ideological’ People Oppose Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion – Forbes

Avik Roy Avik Roy, Forbes contributor

It’s certainly fair to judge politicians on what they’ve done for the poor. But Medicaid traps the poor in a failing system that leaves them with little to no access to the care they actually need.John Kasich’s self-righteousness is bad enough. His assertion that critics of Medicaid can’t possibly have sincere, principled motives is asinine. But the worst part of all is that the very low-income individuals in whose name Kasich claims to speak will be failed by the policies he has imposed upon them.

via Kasich: Only ‘Political Or Ideological’ People Oppose Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion – Forbes.

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