Three Fixes for SGR

Steven Horvitz, DO writes ACOFP President Carol Henwood, DO

Dr. Henwood:

I just received your email blast about the SGR.

There are three fixes for SGR that come to mind that would immediately solve this never ending recurring problem for physicians.

1- eliminate the SGR entirely
2- advocate that all physicians opt out of Medicare
3- immediately freeze the physician fee schedule where it is AND allow physicians to balance bill patients for anything they want above it.

The first two would immediately make SGR moot. This would end the physician groveling (lobbying) our elected politicians every year for more money.

The third would save the government money and would also allow physicians to put their fees where they need to be. This is called the free market and would work to keep fees reasonable anywhere there is a true open and transparent market.

I am so glad I opted out back in 2012 as this SGR mess does not affect me, my patients or my practice. I do not have to vote for any politician who offers me money for their vote or threatens me with a pay cut if I do not do their bidding. By opting out I work purely and solely for my patient. No one owns me. No one has me by my wallet.

Perhaps in future SGR emails, you can inform physicians of these three options and let them become real independent thinking patient centered third party free physicians that our Osteopathic training once endorsed.

Steven Horvitz, D.O
Moorestown, NJ

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