Privacy is a big problem getting bigger every day

Guest Post from Barbara Duck – @MedicalQuack

Privacy is a big problem getting bigger every day where its technology basically used against the consumer in the form of their data. With my background of both sales and developing, I have two thought processes going all the time if you will, the geek side visualizes and the sales side visualizes how they will market and potentially deceive the public with a lot of it to get folks on board so they can collect more data.

I started my own campaign and have been doing it on my own for 3 years and it includes regular emails to a lawyer at the FTC, some members of Congress, including Rockefeller that you see in my campaign (link below). The World Privacy Forum earlier this year testified in front of Congress and as you can see it’s gone nowhere.

It’s so hard for people to understand digital privacy as it goes on behind the scenes and it’s nothing you can put your finger on. The average consumer doesn’t stand much of a chance today as this is technology we have no access to. You are being secretly scored and disallowed access to more than you could even imagine. The banks and companies are very smart with marketing and fool us all the time; however at some point the piper shows up and it’s usually in the form of us having to correct flawed data that’s been collected and sold about us, as we end up finding out we have been denied access, to a loan, medications, you name it, the list goes on.

This is awareness that needs to be shared with all as its real and happening, and again you can’t see it and it functions behind the scenes. All consumers deserve dignity and with the epidemic we have of selling data for profit today, we are not getting it. If it sounds too good to be true, as the old saying goes, well it probably is.

By now we are all aware of the deception that took place with Jonathon Gruber, but mind you, it doesn’t stop there and that’s only the government side and it far more embedded with private industry with data and services that actually touch you every day. Be aware, be a skeptic when you need to be and don’t believe everything you read on the internet by all means.

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