Keep Your Eyes on The Pennsylvania Medical Society Debate on MOC

The Practical C-L Psychiatrist

cropped-dr-jim-amos-md.jpgI ran across this post from the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) and I thought I’d share it. Note the opportunity for readers to share opinions below the post. It’s a survey and I shared mine. At the time (which was this morning) there were only 3 responses. Click on the image to expand it to full screen.

PAMED survey responses 2014

Just in case readers may not be able to access it, I’d like you to see my response, which was as follows:

“I agree completely with the PAMED initiative and wish good luck to Pennsylvania physicians.

I have introduced resolutions to the Iowa Medical Society to support the principle of lifelong learning and oppose both MOC and MOL, which were both adopted. For now the Iowa Board of Medicine doesn’t think MOL is needed.

However, the ABMS and FSMB are driving this and I wonder whether they listen to rank-and-file doctors.

James Amos…

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