Transformational Grant Trojan Horse

Family physician sounds off on latest ACOFP “View from the Hill”

In response to practice transformation grants.

I have a different take on this. The government is buying off/ bribing/coercing physicians to transform their practices into something easier for the government to control.

What happened to physician leadership? Why do we wait for the government to tell us or allow us to practice? What about all the independent DPC practices?

The ACOFP DPC task force had a few meetings. End result: we have a DPC definition and now we are waiting on the govt and IRS. To define DPC from tax perspective. Why? We should take the lead.

The ACOFP should take the lead and nicely tell the govt that we know how to take great care of our patients and that the politicians and bureaucrats should follow our lead, not the reverse.

800 million dollars. It’s a Trojan horse just like Meaningful Use.

Are insurance costs dropping as a result? No

Are the “30 million uninsured” now insured? No

Are patient copays and deductibles going up? Yes

Is it easier to practice today as an Osteopathic Family physician than it was 6 years ago? No

Do patients respect physicians today as much as they did before meaningful use and ACA? No

All this government bribery ends up going to insurers and hospitals, not physicians. Yet the workload especially the bureaucracy continues increasing exponentially.

When will the ACOFP stop looking at healthcare from Washington and stop looking at it politically and start looking at it from the eyes and ears of its members?

If we keep going at this pace, and docs are all employed by government or hospitals, you do realize that the ACOFP will no longer be relevant and probably cease to exist.

Please open your eyes to what is truly developing and start truly advocating for the present and future Osteopathic physicians.

Anonymous , D.O.

View from the Hill

New Practice Transformation Grants Seek to Improve Care, Lower Costs

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently announced $840 million in new grants for health providers and groups to create the necessary incentives for 150,000 physicians to transform their practices by adopting new and innovative payment models including the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), which has been embraced by many osteopathic family physicians. The Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative offers funding through two networks classified as Practice Transformation Networks, and Support and Alignment Networks. The first centers on disseminating best practices of physician groups that have already integrated quality improvements into their practices. The second focuses on professional associations to incentivize transformation through communication channels, accreditation, and continuing education programs.

HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell said patients, providers, and taxpayers all stand to benefit from these four-year grants. “The administration is partnering with clinicians to find better ways to deliver care, pay providers and distribute information to improve the quality of care we receive and spend our nation’s dollars more wisely,” Burwell said.

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