No Replacement For The Osteopathic Approach To A Healthy State Of Wellness

Medicine At Its Finest  By Gina Reghetti, D.O.

I will focus on the Osteopathic Medicine Primary Care approach to attempt to explain the dismantlement  of  medicine.  It is my professional opinion that the Corporate developers of the Health Industries’ Electronic Automated Technologies believe that they have developed technology smart enough to replace the role of doctors in general, and specifically, the role of the Osteopathic Physicians from their noble profession of medicine.  Specifically, the focus will be on the total dismantlement, and removal of the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons from healthcare entirely; for no other reason other than the Osteopathic Medicine Primary Care approach works.

Traditionally, prior to Government, and other Corporate Third-Parties’ manipulation and dismantlement of medicine; routinely, Osteopathic physicians would diagnose by use of their hands, and treat patients by use of their hands, during the physical body structural examination and they would spend time, as long as required to address mind, and spiritual concerns; all in one medical encounter with the patient-doctor.  Nothing better than the human touch to assist the healing process, along with doctors that would not only listen; but would also hear their patients. What a wonderful combination.

I also wish to emphasize the importance of the Allopathic Physicians, the medical doctors: M.D.s; but will focus on the Osteopathic Physicians: D.O.s, and their vital role that they play in United States of America’s healthcare.  The Osteopathic Profession came into existence because of one brilliant medical doctor named Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., who developed Osteopathic Medicine (Osteopathy), and later became an Osteopathic Physician, a D.O. This medical doctor recognized in the eighteen hundreds that there had to be something more than just popping pills especially because people still died from their medical aliments when doing so.  He felt that the pharmaceutical, chemically compounded medications, were more lethal than the actual diseases. He focused his entire life on attempts to find health by looking right inside ones’ own body ability to self-regulate and heal when structure and function were properly balanced; the homeostatic state.  As a result of his physiological and anatomical research he felt competent enough to develop Osteopathic Medicine (Osteopathy).

Through his development of Osteopathic Medicine he opened medicine up for the first time in history to all individuals, both men and women, young and old, that were committed to the Osteopathic Oath and Principles of the practice of medicine. He intended for each new Osteopathic Physician to bring their incredible gift and talent to all areas of the globe and spread wellness to the world; all of this would be accomplished with the touch of the human hand through the direction of spiritual-mind-body healing. No other profession, but the  Osteopathic profession, has such a complete patient focused cost efficient medical healthcare  package.

Osteopathic Medicine has a language of its own that is unique in the field of medicine. It is recorded by use of ordinary paper and pen in the form of well written hand notes and drawing illustrations for medical documentation of the patient-doctor medical encounters.  It does not need, or employ, expensive Corporate Third-Parties’ electronic technology which mandates hook up to the grid for Internet fees, and monthly mandated Electronic Health Records operational fees which all drive up the actual healthcare cost to patients.

It keeps healthcare real simple by not employing things that are intended to distract the doctors, take valuable time away from patients, and breach the patient-doctor relationship through technology that is intended to introduce numerous Corporate Third-Parties’ eyes into patients’ confidential, highly protected medical encounters.

Osteopathic Physicians are very well grounded, and prefer to stay very close to the precious Earth.  Osteopathic Physicians are natural doctors that stand for natural medicine that respects the properties of ones’ body and recognizes the vital role it plays in ones’ health; care for ones’ body, and the body will give health back to ones’ self.

Osteopathic physicians through the patient-doctor encounter provide outstanding, highly cost effective medical care with immediate treatment results from Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT), and complete patient satisfaction in just one medical visit. The entire patient, encompassing the mind, body, and spirit, are all effectively addressed in just one medical visit. There is not anything more efficient than that that can be offered in healthcare today.

The patient is always first priority.  It is simply a perfect healthcare system that promotes a healthy state of well-being with preventive measures highly taken into consideration for long term wellness results.  It recognizes the body’s unique ability to self-regulate, and heal itself when the body is in its homeostatic state. Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment assists the body to acquire such a state, and then periodic treatment helps with the maintenance of such a state to ensure prolonged wellness.

The Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment effectively treats the bodies’ neuro-muscular-skeletal systems which ultimately indirectly affects every other system within the human body.  It truly is complete healthcare because the dis-ease gets effectively treated therefore, prevention of disease takes place which completely eliminates expensive referrals, Corporate Third-Parties’ intrusion, and terribly expensive pharmaceutical medications. Osteopathic Medicine completely eliminates the enormous high cost to healthcare that plagues our nation currently; all of this happens through the highly skilled hands of the Osteopathic Physicians. There simply is no substitute.

The Corporate Third Parties’ plan is to not permit the practice of Osteopathic Medicine due to outstanding healthcare benefits that result when doctors apply their knowledge based on their Osteopathic philosophical training. The Osteopathic professional, medical philosophy, is completely structured around the entire patient; it always takes into consideration the mind, body, and spiritual state of patients’ well-being, thereby it addresses the complete person, at every medical encounter that is composed of only the patient and the doctor.

Delays, and referrals, were never an issue until Corporate Third Parties’ Enforcers got  involved in medicine and used their financial powers to bribe governmental officials to place  mandates through national, governmental enforced, healthcare standards. None of these  standards have any proven scientific medical benefits on patients’ health outcomes. It is all  about control, and financial gain for the select few that apparently rule over our country’s  domain.  They are the ones that deliberately caused the dismantlement of medicine to  primarily eliminate the patient-doctor medical encounters, and replace them with providers which are non-physicians whom are readily available now at local pharmacies, and shopping  centers. These providers, which attempt to play doctor without a medical school education or  medical license, are in place only for advancement of the Corporates Third-Parties’ agendas  that are to promote the corporates’ products and their diagnostic technology. They rarely  offer cures, rather just more disease states that need to be chronically treated via expensive  modern medical technology that is owned by these Corporates.

Their ultimate plan is to keep people chronically unhealthy, and prolong this state through automated electronic technology. Their ultimate agenda is to disrupt the natural life cycle of death, and keep individuals in suspended states of unhealthiness so that the Corporate Third  Party Medical Infiltrators can assure themselves a continual state of profit. Imagine what profit they will all gain by keeping people chronically unhealthy.  If this was not their agenda then doctors would remain the Gold Standard in Medicine. Their medical orders would not be  questioned or disrupted; they would be followed instead of insurance driven, corporate  developed, algorhythmic protocol agendas. The patient-physician relationship would be  cherished without Corporate Third Parties’ enforcement of non-sense agendas: Breach of  privacy, and mandates that has nothing to do with deliverance of quality healthcare but  everything to do with Third Party Corporates’ greed, excessive control, the dismantlement of  medicine, and rationed medical care.  All of the Corporate Third Parties’ imposed non-sense  would cease to exist, and Americans would have the best healthcare in the world.

Automated, electronic, computerized technology is not a good thing because it has interrupted the natural process of death that is a part of every living organisms’ cycle.  With all of this expensive, and elaborate technology, people are not any healthier.  They are living longer in a chronically, unhealthy state.  Wellness in America appears not to be priority except to those doctors that practice their noble profession of medicine. Government, and Corporate  Third-Parties, attempt to place demands on doctors to force them to surrender their  protection for patients, and their knowledge of the most important living organism on the  face of this Earth; Human Beings.

These Corporate Third-Parties’ Enforcers do not have medical education via medical school or medical licenses; yet they have been given enormous powers, and rights by the United States Government, to attempt to over-throw the doctors as the Gold Standard in Medicine and write  their own corporate driven medical standards so they can promote their harmful, financially  motivated agendas that have nothing to do with the wellness of patients.

We all are on this Earth for a limited time; therefore, it is essential to make the best of what one has and focus life on family and friends, do good always, and strive to help mankind. Life, naturally has many phases, and each advances at its own pace; although, our world demands a faster pace to compete with man-made automated electronic technology, we must never lose sight that we all are Spiritual Beings, not intended to be Materialistic Beings.  Life’s value is based on relationships with people in ones’ life, not things, as the Corporates all benefit from pushing their propaganda motivated agendas upon us.

The human touch of an Osteopathic Physician can do so much to assist patients through their life phases due to their understanding of the neuro-muscular-skeletal system; the body’s map to wellness.  When any disruption, ever so slight, occurs within these systems dis-ease results that when left untreated develops into disease.  Corporates have attempted to simulate and duplicate the Osteopathic Philosophy and techniques through use of automated technology all without success.  Rather, than the Corporate Enforcers recognizing and accepting the exceptional medical healthcare approach that Osteopathic Medicine has to offer the world, they are adamant for the dismantlement of a proven medical science that is second to none.  Imagine what price tag will soon be attached to healthcare in order to save ones’ life.  How much would one be willing to pay in order to stay alive? Government, and Corporate Third-Parties provide no incentives to the Osteopathic Physicians because their agendas focus on forced mandates which discourage the Osteopathic Philosophy so that they can take control of it to offer it to the elite to ensure their wellness.

It is my conclusion that health is not what is to be promoted, and as a doctor, I live and see the enormous disruption to medical care by Government, and Corporate Third-Parties.  Their agendas have nothing at all to do with healthcare but everything to do with  rationed medical care.  It is very important for the public to understand this and  break away from controlled propagandas that are promoted through all electronic media.   Medicine needs to remain private without Government, or any other Corporate Third-Parties’  enforcement.  Free Markets must thrive in order to ensure good healthcare for all. Escalating cost in healthcare are directly related to the enormous demands of the Government, and Corporate Third Parties, and the unreasonable, highly priced pharmaceutical products that are exacerbated for American’s medications solely for  Corporates’ profit.  Doctors do not drive the healthcare cost up; Government, and Corporate  Third Parties do.

The Corporate Enforcers, with their distorted medical agendas, believe that through automated electronic technology, along with use of bionic implanted body parts, and altered  genetic codes, that they can defeat death, and become immortal.  This technology will of  course be only available to the elite. In reality, for the general public, they promote and  enforce use of automated technology that prolongs the chronic state of illness in order  to totally disrupt the natural death and dying process of life so that they can further their  financial profits.

Corporates have gone as far as to offer Life-Extensions which are frozen states of Human Beings in liquid nitrogen tanks that are stored indefinitely in a suspended state of death until cures are available. Insurance and Stocks are available without any released documented proof of successful life after induced frozen suspension.  Yet, these select Corporate Enforcers are permitted to experiment on humans while at the same time their agendas are permitted to withdraw doctors from medicine and attempt to replace them with electronically automated devices that promote their agendas and views.

While it is very true that life can be prolonged naturally through proper nutrition, exercise, and elimination of chemical and physical risks factors; life’s duration is determined predominately from deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) genetic code that is passed on by generation to generation. Every individual has their own genetics, and their own life expectation encoded within that is natural and is nature’s intended way.  No human should be permitted to explore, alter, or control this gift of human life.  Propaganda techniques attempt to bombard all and convince them that they can become invincible when in fact this simply is not true without artificial foreign particle implantation or transplants, and genetic alteration  which will lead to the man-made creation of  the Super-Human Race.

The fact that the Government, Global Powers, and Corporate Third-Parties’ Enforcers wish to  eliminate the Healing Arts and Science of Osteopathic Medicine entirely from healthcare  should put everyone on extreme high alert as to what the overall Government, and big  Corporates  have planned for the World’s Population.

Imagine a world without toxic chemicals that are pushed through the pharmaceutical lines by  Corporates for profit, not wellness. Imagine a natural life, without chemically induced chronic  Illness. Then stand strongly opposed to the agenda that encourages the dismantlement of  Osteopathic Medicine; Medicine that was made in United States of America for the total  purpose of total body wellness. It is nature’s medical way.

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