A Sad Day for the Future of Medicine

To All My Physician Friends:

For several years, I have sent out multiple emails and blogs expressing my many concerns about the flood of restrictive and counter-productive mandates that are being required of physicians. These mandates are coming from the State and Federal Boards of Medical Examiners, the State and Federal Legislators, the Hospitals, the HMO’s, and the Insurance Companies.

The worst part of it is that many of the mandates are being promoted by our own membership organizations, the AOA and the AMA, to which we all pay substantial dues.

The lack of response, the lack of action, and the total apathy of physicians who are accepting these mandates is both frustrating and appalling.

We are slowly watching the disappearance of the private practicing physician. Within the next five, maybe ten years, we will all be EMPLOYEES controlled by rules, regulations, mandates, and restrictive standards of care.


Robert S Maurer, D.O., Edison, New Jersey

1 thought on “A Sad Day for the Future of Medicine

  1. The only way to stop their agenda is to file lawsuits.

    They have no respect for the doctors! They all refuse to listen and hear our concerns.

    Look how badly Obama has hurt the American way; all of this stems from his non-American Agendas.

    I didn’t spend my life learning how to be a doctor to have anyone take that away from me; this is America!

    Restriction of Trade, completely targeted against the doctors and surgeons must be stopped.

    No other profession is subjected to what the doctors and surgeons are subjected to because they are using the doctors and surgeons to round up the patients. I refuse!

    I don’t consider the doctors or surgeons that fall for this controlled agenda to be doctors or surgeons at all but rather cowards that are part of the problem not the solution. Never give up independence and substitute it for dependence.

    Independent Doctors and Surgeons must never be rid because they are the only ones that are in fact, out for the patients! They aren’t pushing governmentally controlled agendas, they aren’t buying into all the non-sense from third party enforcers, and they are the only ones that know the true state of medicine in America!

    I refuse to allow any patients to become experiments for the government!

    Look what happened to all of our American Veterans who used the Department of Veterans’ Affairs; they were killed by the same government that sent them to war, and worse yet, they had no rights because they were all owned and considered “property” of the USA’s Government. They had to surrender their rights in order to receive medical care from the government, the same is happening in the civilian sector since the Insurance Corporates took control of their healthcare through Obamacare, ACA.

    ACA, has the same intention, to own and control all: Patients and Doctors. Enslavement always follows these type of agendas. They are never any good, no matter what the government has to say as they attempt to brainwash the people.

    The people need to stand opposed, shout out, make their country come back to them.
    They must never follow their government, for if they do they will follow it to their death.

    Say no, shout out, stand opposed to governmental, and state controlled medicine, which is nothing more than socialistic medicine.

    Never give up HEALTHCARE to the government becasue if one does they will soon give up their freedoms too.

    Fight to bring back our country and to bring it back to its people.

    Government, back off!

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