Kasich: Only ‘Political Or Ideological’ People Oppose Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion – Forbes

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Avik Roy Avik Roy, Forbes contributor

It’s certainly fair to judge politicians on what they’ve done for the poor. But Medicaid traps the poor in a failing system that leaves them with little to no access to the care they actually need.John Kasich’s self-righteousness is bad enough. His assertion that critics of Medicaid can’t possibly have sincere, principled motives is asinine. But the worst part of all is that the very low-income individuals in whose name Kasich claims to speak will be failed by the policies he has imposed upon them.

via Kasich: Only ‘Political Or Ideological’ People Oppose Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion – Forbes.

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1 thought on “Kasich: Only ‘Political Or Ideological’ People Oppose Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion – Forbes

  1. The states are all trying to expand Medicaid, the welfare system, so that they can have complete control of individuals. In the state of Ohio, all Welfare recipients are pushed through “HMO” Medicaid Systems. They have no freedoms. Patients are not even able to get “generic” prescriptions approved without the doctors having to go through elaborate systems that are designed to stop and block all. Yet, the state governments put the blame on the doctors for being the reason that the people are denied care. This is all intended to continue the agenda of the war-against-doctors so that patients turn on their doctors and accept completely controlled medicine through the United States of America’s “affordable care act=ACA.”

    What people don’t understand is that their care isn’t free at all, everything, and I mean everything that they have becomes the property of the USA, not immediately though, but later as “pay-back.”
    It’s not free care at all, it is a state or governmental loan that needs to get repaid!

    For some patients, they may feel that they don’t have anything so the system works for them because they have nothing to take, but it can, and will extend to their heirs.

    No one reads what they sign, and if they do they don’t understand it, and when they question what it means they are given a different definition of the true meaning; typical of any government.

    It is the people that needs to be educated, and not by a “common-core” system!

    Unfortuanately, our country has fallen so badly, there aren’t any jobs, people just cannot make it. Again, this isn’t happening by mistake, it is all controlled, and this is how people are totally broken down by the governments, both state, and national governments, keeping them down.

    Governments never pick individuals up, they always keep people down, and entrap them.

    This isn’t the country that I know.

    My country needs to be allowed to work! We need to rid the individuals that are in place to destroy our great country! Rid them all. Make them pay!

    We only have one life; time is running out.

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