AOA should represent the private practicing osteopathic physician

Bob Maurer, DO writes the AOA President and President-Elect

Bob and John:

One year ago, at the AOA convention, I asked to meet with Dr. Vinn to give him my perspective on the concerns of the general AOA membership. I came to him as a long time AOA member and NJAOPS leader.

He started off the conversation by calling me a bully and telling me that I do NOT
represent any AOA members. He refused to listen to any of my suggestions.

In the discussion on Needs Assessment for CME programs, one of the AOA staff members wrote the following report:

“I can guarantee you that three topics presented on the submitted Needs assessment
had nothing to do with Rheumatology. If I were paying to attend, I would resent spending
money on a program to learn how to use a defibrillator and the experience of a physician
in treating victims of a nuclear disaster.”

This insulting and outrageous report by a staff member is an affront to every single
osteopathic physician that you and your Board claim to represent.

Dr. Vinn did not dispute your AOA staff member with her statement that she would resent
spending money on a program to learn how to use a defibrillator. What could he have been thinking when he defended this position ?

The staff member further goes on to write, ” AOSRD also offered a program on hormone
therapy for Rheumatologists. When I tried to locate an evidence-based resource, I found
that this is still considered an unproven treatment plan for patients. If Dr. Maurer or his
steering committee had researched the topic through a proper needs assessment, they
would have discovered this and then perhaps chosen another topic.”

This statement goes beyond belief for one who considers himself an osteopathic leader
and a champion of the private practice osteopathic physician. If A.T. Still had followed
this line of thinking, the osteopathic profession would not exist today.

Bob and John: You and the other AOA leaders have continued to defend your position
on Needs Assessment, as well as your support of Standards of Care, Evidence-Based
Medicine, MOL, MOC, OCC, PQRS, EHR, CAP, FSMB, COMLEX and other federal, state, and organizational mandates. Perhaps you should start to look at these acronyms as the evil that they really are….and you and the AOA should start to represent the private practicing osteopathic physician as is your responsibility.

Bob Maurer

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