EHR vs paper record – debate rages

(Excerpt from LinkedIn)

How much Epic, Cerner, other vendors spent to lobby Congress

Paper files are reliable, medical legal standard and ultimately recyclable. How about your computer? They look bad and are toxic to landfills for a thousand years. Your old hard drives when discarded may still be accessible to piracy. By the way, I support your right to keep medical records in any way, shape or form that you and your patients see fit. The government HITECH HIPAA ACA/Obamacare violates my right to record keeping systems that might benefit my patients, yet force me to comply, and make me subject to penalties when the mandates system fails. #EpicFail

Craig M. Wax DO

1 thought on “EHR vs paper record – debate rages

  1. EHRs, and all other electronic gadgets will soon be found to have extremely harmful health hazards. Peoples’ vision will be so impaired due to the electro-magnetic rays, and tumors will become the future because of them. Keep people blinded so that they cannot see what is coming! What better way to keep people so unhealthy?

    Now, one can see why the push is in the direction of electronics; not only will they control, they too will harm, and kill. : (

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