Dr. Reghetti on Pharmacy Vaccination Programs

Dr. Wax,

I am sure that you are aware that USA’s Healthcare now-a-days has been ambushed by big corporates that are eager to control and harm our patients.

We know it’s not about safety or care at all. The agendas are intended to drive patients away from doctors so that patients stay in the dark. Patients get it now and see the fast decline of our country. All of these agendas enforced by corporates are in place only to abuse doctors and harm people.

Controlled Chaos is what is happening now in healthcare to not record events of patients’ encounters, yet they’ll claim they do. The government did this to our Veterans. God only knows what patients are actually being injected with so why not bring patients to pharmacies or stores for injections. It is much easier to cover ones’ tracks in big settings. The records will be lost or hacked. Some excuse will exist when patients become very ill from their injections and they need to find the lot number of the shots that were given but they won’t be available.

Human experimentation is against the law but we all know that it happens yet doesn’t get revealed until the people that fall prey to it are dead.

The only thing that can stop all the non-sense; the people.

They need to understand the dangers of predators. Just as children are taught not to take things from strangers. The pharmacies are the strangers at neighborhood’s corner lots that are getting away with practicing medicine without a medical degree or medical license.

Beware…It’s darker than most can imagine.


Gina Reghetti, DO

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