Action needed NOW: MA tying licensure to EHR “proficiency”

Make sure your voice is heard!

The deadline is 5pm Friday October 3rd (i.e. TOMORROW) to submit comments to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine concerning their implementation of the state law requiring physicians “demonstrate proficiency in the use of computerized physician order entry, e-prescribing, electronic health records and other forms of health information technology, as determined by the board.”

The draft regulations can be read by clicking here.

Previously submitted comments can be read here.

PLEASE submit your comments explaining to the board that licensure should NEVER be tied to use of EHR or “meaningful use” and that government mandated HIT is a detriment to the patient-physician relationship. There is no evidence that using an EHR improves patient care or clinical outcomes.

Many commenters are supportive of the draft regulations as they appear to be less onerous than the previous implementation of this bad law. One writes:

“I commend the BORM for the ‘logical’ EHR/Meaningful Use Regulations proposed to fulfill the most ‘illogical’ 2012 state law that requires physicians to demonstrate their proficiency in electronic health records as a condition of licensure, effective Jan. 1, 2015. It is so unfortunate that too much time, money and energy needed to be spent by everyone concerned, because of one Senator’s ego and ignorance of the Federal “meaningless” use mandate and how irrelevant ‘meaningless’ use is to licensure. This was a perfect example of ‘politics’ not intelligence at work.”

And Craig M. Wax, D.O. of Medical Economics comments: “Don’t let your state licensure board mandate the EHR remote control tool and meaningful use government whim to your ability to be licensed to practice medicine. First goes one state and the rest fall like dominoes to effect all of us.”

Written comments may be submitted to the following address:Email your comments  All testimony must be submitted by 5:00 pm on October 3, 2014.

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