The Maintenance of Certification Fait Accompli Position and Why I Reject It

The Practical C-L Psychiatrist

So we’re just days away from the Iowa Medical Society (IMS) Policy Forum and I can tell you that the majority of Iowa physicians support my Policy Request Statement on opposing Maintenance of Certification. I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about how the discussion will go on September 25, 2014 starting at 12:30 in room 5181 of the Medical Education Research Facility at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. That’s because there’s one important difference so far in the pre-Forum discussion from the IMS House of Delegates resolution I sponsored last April on supporting the principle of lifelong learning and opposing Maintenance of Licensure (MOL).

The difference is that there is some dissent from a few Iowa doctors, who apparently believe that there’s more to lose from not supporting MOC. However, the dissenting opinions also acknowledge the obvious and well-known weaknesses inherent in MOC. I’m fairly confident…

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