Contrarians and Innovation

Dr. Wax writes the editors of Managed Care Magazine:

Dear editors,

I am writing with feedback on your managed-care publication with reference specifically to August 2014 on, “contrarians.” It is high time that you published and the insurance industry considered ideas other than their own dogma grown out of the last 70 years of health insurance created by hospitals. Your editorial board has no DOs and appears to have no private practice physicians at all.

Perhaps it’s time you considered some freemarket solutions to all the problems that exist in healthcare delivery today. “Insurance,” in healthcare has become something quite different than the definition of insurance. It has become a redistribution program that mandates healthcare prepayment at exorbitant rates with much built-in profit for large stockholders. Insurance was meant to be and inexpensive “peace of mind” for large expenditures on “rainy days.” Not only state governments, but now the Fed with the unaffordable care act have gotten involved and is micro managing all parties to death, including patients.

It is time for an insurance innovator to produce a true low cost, high deductible plan (HDP), that reimburses a percentage of charges, as opposed to regulating care through pre-certifications, prior authorizations, and other liability risking techniques. Health savings accounts (HSA) give patients the opportunity to shop for care and entities the opportunity to compete for business to excellence and price. There is also a role for direct primary care (DPC) where the patient pays the physician either per incident or monthly retainer basis that the physician sense based on his costs of practice. Competition here also produces excellence and best cost that can be charged only by each patient with their individual value system. 

HDP + HSA + DPC = independent healthcare individual healthfreedom.

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