We heal, they all kill, it’s as simple as that.

Dr. Gina Reghetti looks at the consequences of the continued undermining of the patient-physician relationship:

Yes, they make me so sick. They are killing our profession faster than we can move to prevent it. Obama has really hurt the nation and he continues to bring on total destruction. Corporates controlling everything in medicine, running us all over.

Just as they are doing to the general public with all of their sugary poisonous foods that they sell to public and brainwash public on. People in USA are the sickest people chronically in the world, other countries the people get sick and die, here they are kept alive until their estates are drained, and they have nothing left, then life-lines are cut.

Obese people, and chronically ill people define our nation now due to our poisonous food supply that the Corporates want for the people. It helps push their dangerous pharmaceuticals, and sell their products. As you are well aware, the government doesn’t consult with doctors for anything medically, and certainly not for the nations’ healthcare concerns.

That’s why we are being shut down and pushed aside. We know way too much and it interferes with their corrupt agendas to destroy. No money in it for them if we “heal” patients and make them healthier so that they can enjoy their lives and live to collect social security and other earned benefits. No, that cannot be. Corporates are pushing their agendas as to what people need to be told regarding healthcare on what, who, when, why, where matters, no longer are they allowing doctors to shape the outcome for patients if they follow a simple 1, 2, 3, recipe of common sense to healthcare wellness. No, Corporates are advertising and telling patients this and that and the public doesn’t question it, they just go with the flow.

It’s so hard to compete with a robotic-corporate system that bombards people a billion times a day with propaganda agendas and information. When one keeps hearing, seeing, and reading things over and over again they become brainwashed into believing it’s all okay, real, and true. I see this technique constantly being employed and most don’t even know that it is happening to them.

The growing number of depression, obesity, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and cancers are all stemming from the foods: parasites, hormones, excessive antibiotic chemicals that’s coming from animal food lines, and processed produce GMO poisoned line.

Doctors get in their way. We heal, they all kill, it’s as simple as that. Providers will help them in their killing agenda, and be greatly welcomed. It’s happening.

Only very smart patients get the point, too many don’t and will be sucked into the storm and destroyed. The foods that they ingest are making them dumber and dumber, fatter and fatter, and sicker and sicker. The pills they’re all popping just bring them further to their knees. The trash that they listen to on the radios and watch on the televisions gets them dumber, fatter, and sicker, yet even faster. The nation has fallen into the agenda of the controllers because far too many people would rather be spoon fed toxins than having to go out and forge for their own food to survive. That’s why they are all being fed poisons with sweeteners so they get some false pleasures out of being taken by the Governmental & Corporates’ agendas before they suffer to death from their chronic illnesses.

Now, Dr. Wax, you can see why Osteopathic Medicine, our profession  is being whacked to its death; it’s just too good, prevention at its finest can’t fit the United States’ Government & Corporates’ agendas. Proof that it works and is the best healthcare system in the world. The Government has gone way out of its way to shut it down.

I am certain that it will resurface later in the years, after it’s totally dismantled and Government and Corporates have the opportunity to “claim” Osteopathic Medicine as their own and market it to make trillions. Healthcare will then be sold for such a high cost that most will never be able to afford and the government will decide who they will allow to live and who they will allow to die. Similar to what the government run Department of Veterans’ Affairs did to our Veterans but got caught. How many Veterans had to die over the decades from their abusive control and mandated healthcare? Far too many!

No one has ever put a price tag on what individuals would pay for health.

The DOs have been giving our knowledge, and services away for over a century to serve the betterment of the public. We have been treated worse than dirt in the earlier years of development of the Osteopathic Profession, deprived rights to practice as medical doctors, condemned, mistreated, and so much more, yet we all stood strong and we survived . We actually began to shine as the best healthcare model until Agenda 21 infiltrated the nation and everyone’s lives.

The agenda is to take independence away from all, control everything, and allow no one to own anything because big government wants it all, including peoples’ lives.

Our National Osteopathic leaders got sucked into the vacuum and they are all just going through the system because they too are very controlled and don’t realize yet that they better defend in order to survive. They all have become blinded by Obama’s evil light.

I am so amazed at the ignorance and stupidity out there in the world.


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